Payment & Dispute Resolution

Indonesian Supplies provides convenience and security in every transaction that occurs on the Indonesian Supplies website.

Indonesian Supplies provides 2 types of payment methods, namely PayPal and bank transfer. To make a payment via PayPal, Vendor or Buyer must first fill in an email address. Meanwhile, for payments via bank transfer, Vendors or Buyers must fill in (i) account name, (ii) account number, (iii) bank name, (iv) bank address, (v) routing number, (vi) IBAN or international bank account number, (vii) exchange code, and (viii) IFSC code or India electronic transfer code.

In the event of a dispute, Indonesian Supplies always strives to find a solution desired by the parties by means of deliberation and consensus within a certain period of time. If no agreement is reached, Indonesian Supplies will seek a way out through arbitration under the auspices of BANI (Indonesian National Arbitration Board) or BASYARNAS (National Sharia Arbitration Board) which are legally recognized by the state. If the parties do not agree to resolve the issue through arbitration, then they can choose a way to file a civil lawsuit to the competent District Court or even file a criminal complaint as a last resort.

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