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Looking to successfully execute your company business strategy in Indonesia or in ASEAN, but you need a reliable partner to assist you ?

Indonesian Supplies can certainly assist your organisation with the outsourcing and management of your operations in Indonesia and in ASEAN, including all activities related to the prospect of new markets, legal assistance, importation and exportation of goods, projects logistic, company creation, and others special projects.

Indonesian Supplies can also provide flexible solutions for the management of your assets and workforce in Indonesia, including payroll, housing, visa management and transportation solutions.


  • Markets opportunities surveys
  • Bespoke financing solutions
  • Full life cycle management of assets


  • Company creation & tax management
  • Visa & legal services
  • Legal services


  • Import/Export services
  • Warehousing & Stocks Management
  • Transportation & Packaging solutions


  • Payroll solutions
  • Transportation solutions
  • Human resources services


  • Process planning
  • Quality assurance
  • Deployment of continuous improvement


  • Bespoke sourcing solutions
  • Bespoke financing solutions
  • Cash flow optimisation
  • Business digitalisation

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INDONESIAN SUPPLIES - ERP solution for your operations

Indonesian Supplies is also proposing a fully customised ERP Solution for the management of your business activities such as Sales, Purchasing, Accounting, Stocks Management, Taxes and HR.

Indonesian Supplies Online BI Solution will allow you to monitor your business activities with KPIs, meanwhile we are taking care of your operational activities.

Indonesian Supplies can certainly provide you fully customised reports for your activities in Indonesian or in ASEAN.

Our membership program and our market place will give you access to a panel of customized services and information that will allow you to save time, money and to focus on your core business.

If you have any question about our solutions or any offshoring project? Please feel free to contact us for more information.