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How to Use Our Store Manager Mobile Application

Download Application

Download Application

Mobile Application for Vendors

The latest version of Store Manager application is available for Android phones and it’s totally FREE to use.

You may download this application from Google Play Store to your android mobile. You just have to go into Google Play Store app and search for “WCFM Store Manager“.

When you found the WCFM Store Manager application page, then click the button INSTALL.

Now, this APP is already in your phone, option it. You will see a login form with three fields :

  • Site URL  –   www.indonesiansupplies.com

  • Username – vendor user name

  • Password –  vendor user password

After login to the Application you will see the Store Manager Application dashboard with all it’s functionalities. You may go to the relevant sections and modules available to manage your store content.

  • Products / Orders

  • Bookings / Enquiry

  • Reports / Notifications

The suppliers will see all their products and services under the Application “Product Section”. They are also allowed to search for a particular product registered.

The suppliers will be able to enter and update all important information related to their product such as Name, Price, Discounted price, Stock quantity, etc…

Order section will show all orders for their products and most important details, such as Price, Quantity, Date of order, etc…

The suppliers are also able to update their orders’ status from here. Off course, capability should be “ON” at your WCFM capability settings.

The suppliers are having the possibility to check their products’ booking status for all products and services registered.

Enquiry section will show all enquiries for the suppliers’ products listed and their store.

The suppliers can also check their sales overview report in the Sales Report section, such as:

  • Current week sales stats

  • Current month sales stats

  • Previous month sales stats

Notification is one of the most important feature of this mobile application, as suppliers will receive notification to their mobile phone, such as client review, others …

Mobile Application for Delivery

In the delivery application the show all section will display all of their history and the pending delivery of their products.

The details section will display delivery details for their products and will display customer data, vendor data and the name product.

The delivered section will display the products that have been shipped.