Business Analytics

Due to the globalisation and the rise of competition between organisations around the world. Many companies have worked on the digitalisation and streamlined their business activity.

The business digitalisation have allowed to increasingly turned advanced management softwares, in order to optimise operational workloads, maintain high profitability and ensure competitiveness within their respective industries.

There are several options available on the market, business intelligence tools (BI) and business analytics tools (BA), widely implemented in large companies and allowing global data management.

Indonesian Supplies can assist your organization with the development of its corporate Business Intelligence tools deployment and definition of your Business Analytics strategy. Such Corporate strategies will allow your organisation to make effective business decisions, based on predefined criteria and dashboards showing your business performance by country, by market or by product.

Business Intelligence solutions, will allow you:

Business Analytics solutions will allow you:

The key players for Business Intelligence solutions are SAP, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Qlik and many others.

SAP is definitively the key and the most robust solution for blue-chip companies having large resources and complex organizations to manage. therefor fully scalable solution means unlimited possibilities.

Microsoft Ax is more established among small and mid-size organizations, and is proposing several versions of its product which can be quickly deployed and with less resources.

Oracle is coming as the alternative solution with robust tools for key niche markets.

It is understood that a good BI tool should start with a good integration of all the company key functions in a robust ERP solution, so then will allow your organization to externalize functions such as supplier’s management, stocks management, distribution, accounting, etc…

Many alternative products are available on the market, and may allow your organization to have such BI strategy implementation

The key players for Business Analytics solutions are SAP, MicroStrategy, Datapine, Qliksense, Zoho analytics and many others.

SAP is definitively the key and the most robust solution for blue-chip companies having large resources and complex organizations to manage. Allowing fully scalable solution design, such as data visualization & analytics, advance reporting and modelisation. (

MicroStrategy is a business intelligence toll that offer powerful dashboards and data visualizations solutions (www,

Datapine is an all-in-one online solution allowing your organization to run complex queries, allowing to build dashbords, generate customized reports.(

SAS Business Intelligence is proposing an advanced solution for Business Analytics customized solution, including dashboard customization, fully customized reports based on complex queries. (

QlikSense is a product of Qlik, allowing data analysis, dashbosrd creations (

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