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Indonesian Supplies provides a wide range of services to vendors. In providing these service activities, Indonesian Supplies have general requirements that vendors must know and comply with before deciding to use Indonesian Supplies services. We will explain these requirements below.


Indonesian Supplies provide various services to you as a vendor. Among them:

  1. Provide online services to be able to sell, product, rent equipment and/or provide services to eligible Buyers worldwide (maximum number of items is determined by selected membership tier).
  2. Publish investment opportunities to share with selected Investors inside and outside Indonesia by making financial offers to be financed on a project basis.
  3. Seek and hire competent Consultants for the provision of consulting services on a project basis.
  4. Provide access to your store through the Indonesian Supplies mobile application which can help you to control your business wherever you are (mobile application available for android).
  5. Help promote your company and the products and/or services available.
  6. Provide and enhance your company’s reputation with a reputation management with the utilisation of qualification pages.
  7. Promote your products and services to qualified Buyers worldwide.
  8. Promote your best-selling products and services and promote innovative solutions by sharing your experiences through our virtual exhibition solutions.
  9. Provide online tender solutions such as RFx to secure your payments online.
  10. Provide Indonesian Supplies bulletins to keep our members informed of market news.
  11. Provide information about: Products and services, Company Profile, QHSE, Affiliate Companies, locations, 3D drones, virtual visits, IoT, and reviews to facilitate our Buyer buying activities. (Additional services are subject to additional fees).
  12. Provide agreed pricing for volume sales (depending on membership level).
  13. Provide services such as RFQ (Request for Quotation) and purchase order management (depending on membership level).
  14. Provide online courses, introductory events & meetings (only for SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM & DIAMOND members).
  15. Distributing online showcases to SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM and DIAMOND members to present Vendor products on the Indonesian Supplies blog as much as:
    • 12 (twelve) products for SILVER members.
    • 24 (twenty-four) products for GOLD members.
    • 48 (forty-eight) products for PLATINUM members.
    • Unlimited number of products for DIAMOND members.
  1. Provide project financing services. (only for PLATINUM and DIAMOND members).
  2. Provide Vendor qualification services (only for SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM and DIAMOND members).
  3. Provide special search engine optimization (SEO) services to PLATINUM and DIAMOND members such as:
    • Provide 1 (one) focus keyword. This keyword can be added more than 1 by using additional services from Indonesian Supplies at an additional cost.
    • Provide a meta description column.
    • Vendors can ask for advice/advice from Indonesian Supplies to get the best keywords by using additional services from consultants for an additional fee.
    • Vendors can independently change SEO every day.
  1. Provide digital marketing services on social networks at an additional cost. Such services include:
    • Promote Vendor-owned stores and products via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Email and WhatsApp. If the Vendor does not already have one of these accounts, then Indonesian Supplies can help create the account that the Vendor wants.
    • The social networks referred to above can be linked to other social networks. This means that every store and product belonging to a Vendor can be connected to more than 1 type of social network and can be shared with certain people who want to be targeted by the Vendor.
  1. Provide Vendor activity report with advanced analysis (only for GOLD, PLATINUM & DIAMOND members). This service provides information to Vendors about:
    • Areas from around the world that are potential for Vendors to sell their wares.
    • Checking the daily status of the website such as visits or viewers who visit the Vendor’s website.
    • View data on how many products have been sold in a certain period of time.
  1. You can optimize your asset management strategy by using our Computerized Maintenance Management Software CMMS application (additional consulting fees apply for project implementation).
  2. Provide priority support directly via chat app to help:
    • For the creation of an online shop in the Indonesian Supplies market;
    • Find or sell a product or service you need to consider;
    • Analyze your store activity data.
  1. Provide Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) that enables Vendors to optimize Vendor maintenance costs and the total cost of ownership of Vendor assets (for GOLD, PLATINUM and DIAMOND members). (The terms of consulting services are not included for project implementation).
  2. Provide Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which enables Vendors to manage marketing and sales activities at additional costs.
  3. You can purchase consulting services to improve your internal processes such as Digital Marketing, Sales, Resources, Purchasing, Logistics, Management, Project Financing and Outsourcing.
  4. Secure payments by providing online payment solutions.
  5. Help monitor the performance of the logistics team by using a messaging solution.
  6. Help track the status of your shipment by using our mobile tracking solution.
  7. All the services listed above are included in the vendor membership and can be provided by Indonesian Supplies by registering as a Vendor.
  8. All kinds of services above may not be misused by any party for the purpose of profit and/or personal interest.



  1. Indonesian supplies vendor is any company domiciled within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
  2. Indonesian Supplies Vendors are Vendors who already have an account and have been registered as vendors who have obtained rights and obligations from Indonesian Supplies.
  3. Indonesian Supplies divides vendors into 5 (five) types of vendor membership. Each type of membership vendor has different services from Indonesian Supplies. The types of vendor members consist of:
    • FREE MEMBERS. This type of member is not charged by Indonesian Supplies. This member is charged a fee of 15% (Fifteen Percent) every time the Vendor sells a product to the Buyer.
    • SILVER MEMBERS. Members of this type are charged around IDR 4,900,000 (Four Million Nine Hundred Thousand Rupiah) by Indonesian Supplies. This member is charged a fee of 10% (Ten Percent) every time the Vendor sells a product to the Buyer.
    • GOLD MEMBERS. Members of this type are charged around Rp. 10,600,000.00 (Ten Million Six Hundred Thousand Rupiah) by Indonesian Supplies. This Member is charged a fee of 8% (Eight Percent) every time the Vendor sells a product to the Buyer.
    • PLATINUM MEMBERS. Members of this type are charged around IDR 24,900,000 (Twenty-Four Million Nine Hundred Thousand Rupiah) by Indonesian Supplies. This member is charged a fee of 5% (Five Percent) every time the Vendor sells a product to the Buyer.
    • DIAMOND MEMBER. This type of member is charged around Rp. 48,500,000.00 (Forty-Eight Million Five Hundred Thousand Rupiah) by Indonesian Supplies. This Member is charged a fee of 3% (Three Percent) every time the Vendor sells a product to the Buyer.
  1. To find out more about our vendor membership, please click
  2. Free members are only valid for 1 (one) year and will be deactivated by Indonesian Supplies if the vendor does not upgrade to a paid member.
  3. Indonesian Supplies focuses on 17 (seventeen) markets and includes all products and services for logistics management, maritime, offshore and underwater, mining, water management, construction, alternative energy, packaging, hospitality, clothing, medical equipment, electronics , FMCG, properties. Outsourcing, commodities and industry.
  4. Every Vendor gets a logo from Indonesian Supplies to increase the Vendor’s reputation in front of the Buyer. Among them are the Halal MUI (Indonesian Ulema Council) logo, the Sharia Vendor logo, the Carbon Footprint logo, the Best Choice logo, the Best Sellers logo, and the Best Deal Products logo.
  5. Each logo will be given to the Vendor if Indonesian Supplies has checked with MUI for the MUI Halal logo and to JII (Jakarta Islamic Index) for the Sharia Vendor logo. As for the Carbon Footprint logo, the Best Choice logo, the Best Sellers logo, and the Best Deal Products logo, Indonesian Supplies can provide them after seeing the performance and internal conditions of the Vendor.
  6. Clients are individuals and/or companies who are registered as buyers on the Indonesian Supplies website and are willing to purchase, rent products and/or services from vendors who have met the requirements.


  1. Make your business compliant with industry 4.0 requirements.
  2. You can promote your business by sharing information about: Products and services, Company Profile, QHSE, Affiliate Companies, locations, 3D drones, virtual visits, IoT and reviews.
  3. Be able to communicate with qualified buyers worldwide by using our messaging solutions on the website or mobile app.
  4. Vendors get connections with investors around the world to enhance your business capabilities.
  5. Vendors can get help from service companies and consultants by buying services online.
  6. Vendors can get products from eligible vendors by purchasing products online.
  7. You can enhance your reputation with the qualification process and qualification logo from Indonesian Supplies.
  8. Indonesian Supplies provides zoom access for meetings.
  9. Indonesian Supplies provides online payment access.
  10. Indonesian Supplies provides Maintenance Management Software (MMS) which allows you to optimize maintenance costs and TCO of your assets (for GOLD, PLATINUM and DIAMOND members).
  11. Indonesian Supplies provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that allows you to manage marketing and sales activities.


  1. In the event that the vendor wants to get services from Indonesian Supplies and can carry out various activities, the vendor must register and create an account by attaching the following data:
    • Emails;
    • Store Name;
    • TIN;
    • Address (Region, City, and Country);
    • Postal code;
    • Market Category;
    • Company name;
    • Company Size (Number of Employees);
    • Contact Name;
    • Contact Email;
    • HP contacts;
    • Websites;
    • Name of Affiliated Company;
    • Affiliate Company Logo;
    • Market;
    • Vendor Type;
    • Certification;
    • Stock Code;
    • Virtual Visit Videos;
    • Passwords;
    • Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  1. If your account has been approved by Indonesian Supplies, then you must prepare a vendor page by filling in the following data:
    • Store Logos;
    • Shop Banners;
    • Store Name;
    • Store Emails;
    • Store Contacts;
    • Store Address (City, Province and State);
    • Store Zip Code;
    • Store Location Map;
    • Store Description (About the Company);
  1. You must also fill in various other supporting data found on the Indonesian Supplies website such as contact information forms, capability information, company identity, financial information, trademarks and proprietary information on our supplier’s website.
  2. If there are documents that are not filled in or blank by the Vendor, it can affect the sales volume of your store and the services provided by Indonesian Supplies & Consultant.
  3. Indonesian Supplies reserves the right to cancel membership if the Vendor refuses to comply with the terms and conditions.


  1. After the vendor has successfully paid to Indonesian Supplies, the vendor can create a policy addressed to the buyer which contains a tab label policy, shipping policy, refund policy, and cancellation/return/exchange policy.
  2. All of these policies must not violate the terms and conditions set by Indonesian Supplies.
  3. Indonesian Supplies will see and agree to the policies made by the Vendor before the Vendor carries out activities at Indonesian Supplies.


  1. Indonesian Supplies uses a third party application, namely WCFM Store Manager to provide services to you as a vendor.
  2. You can download it on Google Playstore or App Store for FREE.
  3. To use the application, you are required to create an account first.
  4. After creating an account, you will be asked to fill in some information such as product name, price, discounted price, number of stocks, and others.
  5. In the application you can view order details such as, such as Price, Quantity, Order date, update order status and check order status.
  6. Clients can ask you directly about a product and/or service through the inquiry module in the application.
  7. You can check sales reports in the application and get notifications if there are notifications about reviews etc.
  8. In the delivery application, you can display all delivery history and product deliveries that are still running and display delivery details for products to be sent and will display customer data, vendor data, and product names.
  9. All sales history, reports, reviews and shipments will be recorded in your account history.
  10. Vendors must comply with all privacy policies, terms and conditions set by third party applications.
  11. Indonesian Supplies is not responsible for the performance of third-party applications.


  1. Indonesian Supplies together with Vendors will discuss and/or review business activities for the last 12 (twelve) months.
  2. Indonesian Supplies will review the performance of the Vendor such as the quality of sales volume of products and services provided during the last 12 (twelve) months, and the delivery terms provided.
  3. Indonesian Supplies will propose additional products and services to Vendors such as asset management tools, IoT, virtual visit solutions, or marketing solutions, with the sole purpose of improving Vendor performance.
  4. Indonesian Supplies will advise on the best membership level for your business model.
  5. Indonesian Supplies can provide bespoke financing solutions to improve Vendor performance in its market by investing in new production assets & equipment.
  6. An annual Vendor performance business review will be scheduled between the Vendor and Indonesian Supplies 30 (thirty) days prior to the membership agreement renewal date and not after the membership renewal date.
  7. Vendors & Indonesian Supplies will agree to give coupons, based on the profile of the Buyer.


  1. Vendors must provide all data and/or documents required by Indonesian Supplies to provide transparent information about their products, services and/or services to clients.
  2. Vendors must not provide false and/or false data that may cause losses to Indonesian Supplies.
  3. Such data or documents must be provided to us at the time of registration or at any other time in accordance with the agreement of Indonesian Supplies.
  4. More detailed issues regarding data, schedules and others will be discussed clearly in the cooperation agreement.
  5. The data or documents can be sent to the email address or physically delivered to the office address of PT. Nusae NaDi Indonesia at Sampoerna Strategic Square South Tower L. 30, Jln. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 45-46, Jakarta, postal code 12930.


  1. All logistics management used by Vendors in the marketplace uses Incoterms Ex-Works (EXW) which means Buyers have an obligation to bear all costs and risks for the products purchased.
  2. Indonesian Supplies proposes the option of contracting an online “service company” for the supply of import/export of goods, sea freight, road freight, air freight and other related services.
  3. Logistics costs will be adjusted according to the distance, weight and dimensions of the cargo, the distance between pick-up & drop-off addresses, the priority of the selected service.
  4. Vendors may provide discounts to Buyers from time to time depending on the volume of products purchased and historically.
  5. All these rules clearly and in detail will be regulated in the cooperation agreement between the Vendor and the Buyer.
  6. If the Vendor experiences delays in delivery or logistics, the Vendor will be subject to a fine of 3% (three percent) per day of the total purchase order.
  7. If the product and or goods purchased are lost during delivery, the Logistics Vendor will be subject to compensation of 100% (One Hundred Percent) plus 15% (Fifteen Percent) of the total purchase order.


  1. Vendors must have the right to distribute products and goods that have been registered on the Indonesian Supplies website.
  2. Vendors are not allowed to distribute prohibited items that are not clearly listed on the Indonesia Supplies website in the terms and conditions of paragraph P.
  3. The seller has the right to distribute goods that are legal/legal and do not conflict with the provisions of criminal law in Indonesia.
  4. Vendors have the right to distribute goods within and outside Indonesia by complying with all applicable regulations in Indonesia.



  1. The Vendor agrees to grant a license/permission to Indonesian Supplies to use the brand, logo, copyright information, and all data related to intellectual property to carry out Indonesian Supplies services to the Vendor when the Vendor submits an application to become a member of the Indonesian Supplies Vendor.
  2. The seller must not sell goods and products that infringe the patents, brand names, logos, and other intellectual property of other parties.
  3. Vendors must comply with the Intellectual Property Rights as stated in the general terms and conditions on the Indonesian Supplies Website.


  1. Vendors must guarantee that the products and goods sold on the Indonesian Supplies website are original products belonging to the Vendor.
  2. Vendors must ensure that the products and goods sold do not infringe any patents, brand names, logos, copyrights or other intellectual property rights of other parties.
  3. Vendors must guarantee that the products sold do not violate the Indonesian criminal provisions as stated in these terms and conditions.
  4. Vendors must provide a guarantee of claims against products sold to qualified Buyers.
  5. Vendors must provide certificates of conformity/compliance for all products and goods sold on the website.
  6. Vendors must guarantee that every stock of products to be sold is owned by the Vendor. This means that Vendors are not allowed to sell products that are not owned or sell third-party products (Dropship) that are not bound by a contract by Indonesian Supplies.


  1. Vendors must always be active in every activity in the Indonesian Supplies market, especially when there is a purchase order (PO).
  2. If the Vendor is inactive for more than 3 (three) times, then Indonesian Supplies can deactivate the Vendor from the Indonesian Supplies market.



  1. Each registered Vendor must have a license from the government or related agency to carry out its activities in selling products or providing services to Buyers.
  2. If the Vendor does not have the license as referred to in point 1 (one), then the product or service offered may not enter the Indonesian Supplies market.
  3. Products and or services that do not have a license can be re-entered the Indonesian Supplies market after having a valid license.
  4. The license owned by the Vendor must follow the latest regulations and are still valid until the end of the membership period.
  5. If the license expires during the membership period, the Vendor must guarantee that it will extend its business license until the end of the membership period as a Vendor in Indonesian Supplies.



  1. Indonesian Supplies services to vendors only include the services as stated in paragraph A.
  2. All kinds of activities or services that are not expressly stated in paragraph A are not included in the services of Indonesian Supplies.
  3. Additional consulting services such as consulting services are activities provided by Indonesian Supplies Consultants or service companies in the marketplace.
  4. If the vendor wants to obtain some services that are not regulated as referred to in number 2 (two) such as making 3D Maps, conducting virtual visits, conducting audits or other services, the vendor must make a separate agreement for these activities with Indonesia Supplies which is approved by the vendor.


  1. By using Indonesian Supplies services, Vendors agree not to engage directly with eligible vendors of Indonesian Supplies in any cooperation or commercial activity that is deemed to be a competition from Indonesian Supplies’ commercial activities.
  2. The term of this non-competition agreement is 12 (twelve) months after the end of the cooperation agreement between the Vendor and Indonesian Supplies.
  3. In the event of non-compliance, Indonesian Supplies has the right to collect the estimated service fee of Indonesian Supplies as liquidated compensation of 30% (thirty percent) of the Vendor’s business volume.


  1. Vendors must pay an annual fee when registering as a Vendor for Indonesian Supplies as stated in paragraph B (except for FREE members).
  2. Vendors can use 2 (two) payment methods via PayPal and Bank Transfer.
  3. If the Vendor chooses to pay via PayPal, the Vendor must fill in the PayPal email address.
  4. If Vendor chooses to pay by Bank Transfer, Vendor must fill in: (i) account name, (ii) account number, (iii) bank name, (iv) bank address, (v) routing number, (vi) IBAN or international bank account number, (vii) exchange code, and (viii) IFSC code or India electronic transfer code.
  5. Vendors may charge payment fees depending on the payment method chosen by the Buyer.
  6. In the event that the Vendor wants to deliver the goods, the payment terms are as follows:
    • Payment of 100% (One Hundred Percent) 30 days after good receipt of good and no complaint from Buyer.
  7. Payment of VAT will be billed and paid according to the payment term.
  8. Vendors can provide discounts in the form of Vendor Coupons with 3 available options:
  9. Giving discounts by Vendors to our members for a limited period of time (Coupons will be visible on the product page).
  10. Giving special discounts by Vendors to our best Buyers. (Coupons will be distributed via email to our members).
  11. Giving special discounts by Vendors to our Investors (Coupon Value will be negotiated between Indonesian Supplies sales and investors based on the project and distributed via email). The validity period of the Coupon will be determined by the duration of the project.
  12. Indonesian Supplies charge a fee when hiring a Consultant.
  13. Indonesian Supplies reserves the right to charge additional fees for additional services requested and/or performed by the Vendor.
  14. Vendors are required to pay the Indonesian Supplies service fee on time as stipulated in the cooperation agreement.
  15. Information regarding payment will be provided further in the agreement.
  16. Vendors will receive notification from Indonesian Supplies to extend payment a month before the expiration date.
  17. If the Vendor does not pay the service fee to Indonesian Supplies which has been past due for 30 (thirty) days, then Indonesian Supplies has the right of retention, which is to keep all important information and/or documents. In addition, Indonesian Supplies also reserves the right to suspend activities, as well as services provided to Vendors.
  18. All late payments will be subject to an administration fee of 10% (ten percent).
  19. All taxes collected in every activity of Vendors and Buyers follow the provisions of Indonesian law and agreements that apply nationally and internationally.
  20. All forms of payment above are only paid by the Vendor to one party, namely Indonesian Supplies.


  1. Indonesian Supplies have no obligations other than those set forth in these Terms and Conditions or in a Document officially issued by Indonesian Supplies. Except as specifically provided in these Terms and Conditions or required by applicable Law, Indonesian Supplies makes no express or implied warranties with respect to its services.
  2. To the extent permitted by applicable Laws, in the absence of negligence or other legally proven fault by Indonesian Supplies while the vendor’s products/goods are in the physical care of a third party, Indonesian Supplies shall not be liable for any loss, damage, expense or delay.
  3. Subject to the limitations of liability further in subparagraphs (d) and (e), Indonesian Supplies’ liability for any loss, damage, expense or delay resulting from the negligence or fault of other Indonesian Supplies proved to be limited which is detailed in this section. cooperation agreement.
  4. Vendor acknowledges that Indonesian Supplies and third parties entrusted with vendor-owned products/goods limit their liability for loss, damage, expense or delay. Vendors may obtain an increase in Indonesian Supplies liability if Indonesian Supplies agrees to the request prior to rendering any service and the agreement sets out the limits on Indonesian Supplies’ liability and any additional compensation received or paid for the additional liability. Otherwise, any assessment the vendor makes on the goods will be considered for export or customs purposes only.
  5. As a further limitation on the liability of Indonesian Supplies, the vendor agrees that, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the maximum overall liability of Indonesian Supplies to the vendor against any costs, claims, damages, liabilities, awards, costs, expenses, payments or losses from all kinds during the calendar year which are not limited by other provisions in this letter J, whether the same or not performed or in connection with services performed by Indonesian Supplies, will not be more than the minimum amount of the things that will be regulated in the agreement. cooperation.
  6. As a further limitation of Indonesian Supplies’ obligations, the vendor agrees that, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Indonesian Supplies shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential, punitive, damages or special damages, including loss of profits, revenue or opportunity, even if the vendor is notified of the possibility of such damages or for the acts or omissions of others and however they occur, including breach of contract, tort, omission, or unintentional act or omission.
  7. The limitations and exclusions in this letter J apply even if they cause any other available remedy to be unfulfilled for its essential purpose and without considering Indonesian Supplies’ service for failure or delay in performance.
  8. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable Laws, the vendor hereby waives all rights and remedies available under applicable Laws.
  9. Products/Goods can be entrusted to a third party subject to all conditions such as limitation of liability for loss, damage, expense or delay and to all provisions, regulations, terms and conditions stated in the documents issued by the third party. Indonesian Supplies has no additional liability for any loss, damage, expense or delay caused by the acts or omissions of third parties.
  10. In the event that the Laws applicable in the Territory prohibit or limit the application of the other provisions of this letter J, the liability of Indonesian Supplies is limited to direct loss, damage, expense or delay.


  1. Any party may be released from these terms and conditions if hindered by a force majeure event.
  2. The force majeure event in question is a riot, strike, war, terrorist act, civil disturbance, governmental authority (whether such authority is real or assumed), fire, flood, hurricane, other disaster, or other such cause which is reasonably in beyond the control of the affected party.
  3. Any party to these terms and conditions who is unable, in whole or in part, to carry out its obligations under these terms and conditions due to force majeure must immediately provide written notice of this matter to the other party stating fairly in detail about the underlying circumstances. the force majeure.
  4. Each party to these terms and conditions claiming force majeure must make maximum efforts to use all reasonable efforts to eliminate the cause of the force majeure.
  5. Each party must immediately give written notice to the other party as well as to Indonesian Supplies of the termination of the force majeure and shall resume the performance of the suspended obligation as soon as reasonably practicable after the termination of the force majeure.


  1. All services may be terminated if:
    • Has expired;
    • The vendor does not extend the Indonesian Supplies service cooperation;
    • There are subjective and objective elements that are violated in the provisions of the contract law as regulated in Article 1320 of the Civil Code;
    • Requests from Vendors;
    • It is specified otherwise in the cooperation agreement letter.
  1. Member engagement is valid for a minimum of 12 (twelve) months and is non-refundable.
  2. In the event that the Vendor does not wish to extend the agreement or service with Indonesian Supplies, the Vendor is obliged to notify Indonesian Supplies by written letter no later than 30 (thirty) days prior to the end date of the Indonesian Supplies service.
  3. Indonesian Supplies has the right to refuse a request for termination of service by a Vendor unilaterally if based on the views and opinions of Indonesian Supplies there are indications of counterfeiting, fraud, or other actions that violate the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations in Indonesia and/or international law.
  4. Violation of embargo rules and trade compliance regulations (TCC).


  1. Vendors are prohibited from abusing the activities of services, services or anything provided by Indonesian Supplies.
  2. Vendors are prohibited from misusing data or documents in any form.
  3. Vendors are prohibited from transferring, distributing, or notifying other parties (other than the parties to the agreement) in physical form, electronic media and/or other media that can be used to divulge our and/or Client’s secrets. This can be excluded if there is written approval from Indonesian Supplies.
  4. Vendors are prohibited from providing false and/or false data that may harm Indonesian Supplies.
  5. Vendors are prohibited from carrying out activities in any form that may harm or create a bad image of Indonesian Supplies.
  6. Vendors may not sell illegal products, such as drugs, firearms, chemicals, or any products that are included in the embargo rules or prohibited in the Criminal Code or copyright rules.
  7. Vendors are prohibited from carrying out activities in any form that can harm outside parties.
  8. Vendors are prohibited from knowingly or fabricating force majeure circumstances with the aim of deceiving or deceiving other parties, especially Indonesian Supplies.
  9. Vendors are prohibited from divulging confidential documents, trade secrets or other confidential matters belonging to Indonesian Supplies to other parties, especially to companies competing with Indonesian Supplies.
  10. If the Vendor violates this provision, then Indonesian Supplies can process the matter in accordance with the relevant laws applicable in Indonesia.
  11. If the Vendor or other party commits any or all actions that can be categorized as violating the agreement and/or applicable law, then Indonesian Supplies must be released from lawsuits, whether civil, criminal charges or other legal provisions that apply globally by any party.


  1. Vendor must agree and comply the purchasing order terms and conditions and packing terms and conditions
  2. A term or condition, or part thereof, which is declared or determined to be unlawful, invalid, prohibited or unenforceable under any applicable law in any jurisdiction shall be deemed invalid to the extent that such determination does not invalidate, impair or render invalid, any other terms or conditions of these Indonesian Supplies terms and conditions, and such designation in any jurisdiction shall not invalidate, diminish the validity or invalidate such conditions in any other jurisdiction.
  3. Notwithstanding any provision in the Terms of Service giving rise to any dispute, dispute, claim or difference arising between Indonesian Supplies and the vendor in connection with the provision of this Service including the breach, termination or validity of the terms and others, Indonesian Supplies and the vendor will endeavor to , for a period of thirty (30) days after receiving notification from the party or parties regarding the existence of a Dispute, to resolve the Dispute through deliberation between each party first. If the Dispute cannot be resolved by way of deliberation within thirty (30) days, then the Dispute may be submitted and finally resolved by arbitration in Indonesia, in accordance with the regulations of the Indonesian National Arbitration Board (BANI), which was established on November 30, 1977. based on the Decree of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce No. SKEP/152/DPH/1977 in Indonesia. The arbitration will be conducted by one (1) arbitrator and the language of the arbitration will be Indonesian.
  4. If the parties do not want to settle the dispute through BANI, then the dispute resolution can be carried out with the option of a civil lawsuit or even criminal prosecution in the competent district court.
  5. The terms and conditions of the Indonesian Supplies Service which contain the rights, obligations and licenses granted under these Terms and Conditions of Service cannot be transferred or assigned, except on the basis of mutual agreement.
  6. The terms and conditions of this Service shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. All parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia in relation to and/or in connection with the Terms and Conditions of this Indonesian Supplies Service.
  7. Indonesian Supplies reserves the right and is free at its sole discretion to reduce, add and/or change these terms and conditions at any time as needed.


Version: 13.4

Last Modified: 09/12/2021