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Indonesian Supplies can assist your organisation to sustain remote activities in Indonesia and ASEAN, by providing bespoke services.

Indonesian Supplies can also assist your organisation with the management of Quality, Cost, Safety and Environmental targets by providing contractual expertise, projects managers and zero wastes management assistance.

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Our 5 Pilars Solution

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Smart Contracts definition

Creation of a tamper-proof Smart Digital Contract based on blockchain technology.

Secure the terms of your agreements with clients and third parties.

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execution conditions Terms

Definition of the milestones for the contract execution including,

KPIs, Financing solution, Payment terms, escrow account details, quantity purchased, negotiated financial terms, agreement duration and others relevants terms.

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Contract Execution terms

Confirmation of the deposit of funds for the execution of the contract.

Payment of deadlines according to the terms of the contract and if the production objectives or milestones are reached.

Automatic deduction of late penalties, if applicable.

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Transactions recording

Recording of the agreed conditions for each contract and all elements related to the contract execution in a digital smart contract hosted on our secured servers.

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Performance review

Business Performance review with parties involved.

Business performance review shared electronically on our Cyber Physical Platform.

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Financing of projects for the installation of Powers Plants in various regions of Indonesia, including the utilisation of alternative energy solutions such as solar, wind or others.

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Financing of projects for the installation of water treatment solutions for the treatment and distribution of water in various regions of Indonesia.

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Financing of Specific projects in Indonesia in order to develop the local manufacturing suppliers market for the provision of clothing related products.

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Financing of Specific projects around Indonesia in order to develop the suppliers marketer markets such as manufacturing, packaging and others industrial related projects.

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