Introducing our Online Asset Management Solution

Cyber Physical System for the management of your Production Plant & Asset around the globe

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Internet of Things​

Collect real time information from your equipment and check their status

Artificial Intelligence

Elaborate Optimized Management strategies based on Machine Learning

Projects Management

Manage Projects and follow their implementation online

Multi-sites Management

Monitor Production plant and Asset in a blink of an eye

Maintenance Optimisation

Reduce MTTR and MTBF by setting new standards for your Maintenance plan

Raise the QHSE culture

Deploy Corporate QHSE Procedures by country, by production site, by asset

Manage Stocks level

Set predefined Stocks management rules based on criticality or delivery time

Manage technical resource

Manage internal and External resource based on their expertise and location

Operational Excellence

Optimise the Production performance and maintenance costs based on KPIs

Internet of things

Connecting our world.

Proposing an Online Digital solution for the Management of your production Plants around the globe, with the integration of online cutting edge IT management solutions.

Industrial IoT

Remote Asset Status Monitoring

Application for Mobiles

Reporting & Monitoring from a smartphone or tablet

Machine Learning

MTTR & MTBF optimisation based on experience

A.I. & Big Data

Equipment management procedures based on experience and monitoring

Cyber Physical Platform

Access to your Asset and production sites online

Online Tenders

Online tendering solution for the management of your stocks, orders and vendors

Manage your portfolio of Supplies and Services online

Strategic vendors and key services providers will be able to sign up and join your portfolio of qualified vendors, to support your activities around the globe

Our focus areas include:

Customer Experience

Best Online Navigation experience with our Platform and relevant information to reach your Goals and Objectives

Cost Savings

Negotiated Pricing agreement with best in class products and services available for key economical markets

Data Analytics

Advance Analytical reporting tools available for our members providing detailed information to run your business