Build your Career by providing Online Services

Build your Expertise

Indonesian Supplies is proposing to its consultants various online services, so you can get into the market today

01 Online Presence

Build your profile online and get instant visibility of your resume with our members, vendors or visitors.

02  GET Hired

Our Online booking solution allows our members, vendors and visitors to search online for skills in Indonesia and to hire consultants online.

03  market Reputation

Get feedback from clients and improve your reputation projects after projects, meanwhile building your experience.

04  Manage your skills

Develop your skills from home by creating e-Courses and sharing knowledge during your free time with Online courses. Share your new expertise on your profile online.

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Silver Consultant

Qualification provided to our consultants with a minimum experience of 12 months or 3 projects carried out.

Gold Consultant

Qualification provided to our consultants with a minimum experience of 24 months or 6 projects carried out.

Platinum Consultant

Qualification provided to our consultants with a minimum experience of 48 months or 12 projects carried out.

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Get Extra Income by Selling Products

Share your Skills

Share Online courses and get payment for each purchase.

Online Courses

Sharing Online Courses will help you to generate extra income and to manage your reputation.
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Share Upcoming Projects

Share Projects details Online and get payment for each purchase.

Indonesian Projects

Sharing information about projects with our members, vendors, will allow you to generate income.
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Share Market News

Share Market News and get payment for each purchase.

Indonesian Markets

Sharing Market News will allow you to receive payment for each purchase online.
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Sell Products Online

Sell products online and generate extra income for every purchase.

Mobile E-Business

Our Mobile application allows your to manage your store from your mobile phone.
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Our Consultants Benefits

Company mailbox and video conference

All consultants get email boxes to manage their communication with clients. Live video conference solution is provided for calls with clients.

Flexible work from home

You will be able to select the clients online requests and to manage your calendar online depending of your availabilities.

Make publications to increase your incomes

By sharing your market knowledge online, you will be able to generate income for every purchase made.

Market recognition

By meeting our evaluation criteria, you will receive our Quality Label

Develop new Skills

Develop your skills online during your free time or develop new skills

Increase your Reputation

By providing consulting services, you will gain experience and collect feedback from clients to increase your reputation.