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Our Buyer Membership

Indonesian Supplies assist your company to source, audit and manage qualified suppliers in Indonesia and ASEAN.

Quality insurance services will help you to check the capability, scalability, performance and reliability of selected vendors and products, to make sure that everything will work smoothly.

Our Membership will give you access to suppliers audits, certification reports, inspection reports, product testing, negotiated pricing agreement and publications about the Indonesian market evolution.

Virtual tours are proposed to our members, because a photo, 360 degree image or a video is the best way to illustrate and verify shared information and reports about vendors and products.


Access to our Marketplace

Virtual Visits

Audits & Certifications

Products & Services Testing


Negotiated Pricing Agreements​

Certificate of Ownership

Financial Report

Shared Feedback

Vendor Development

Innovation Management

Online Courses

CO2 Emissions Compliance

Copyrights Protection

Hire Consultants for Projects

Our Membership for Buyers is focusing on qualified manufacturers & distributors meeting our quality standards & requirement, to make your outsourcing activities sustainable.