Our Assurance Quality (QA) program is about to check and monitor the vendor performance to make sure the products and services provided meet with the contractual and criteria agreed upon performance, design, reliability, and maintainability expectations or any other requirement specified.

Our Quality Assurance Services will allow to ensure all products will “fit to purpose” and specifications will be “right at the first time“, by checking executions procedures and raw material quality.

Construction & Manufacturing (2023)

Quality, Safety, and Reliability are paramount as companies strive to meet the global growing demand for sustainable sources of goods and services.

During all stages of the manufacturing of goods, the construction of buildings, maritime and offshore constructions, technical inspections are required.

As your Total Quality Assurance Services partner, we can promise you access to experience, expertise and innovative solutions for your projects in Indonesia and ASEAN.

Industrial Inspections (2023)

Vendors Performance is key to a successful outsourcing strategy based on Quality, Cost and Time to perform a work.

Audits are about to  take into consideration the ressources available and the third-party provider’s adherence to the goal and objectives of an established agreement.

Vendor Audits (2022)

From laboratory testing to regulatory compliance and beyond, advance the value and marketability of your products with testing and certification services from trusted partners.

Certification proves the credibility of your product to the global market. Delivering credibility by obtaining and maintaining certifications with trusted partners.


Products testing (2023)

We build partnerships with our clients

John freeman

Director of global sales

“We worked with Shipbuilders and MANUFACTURERS on STRATEGIC projects over the past 7 years FOR CUSTOMERS AROUND THE GLOBE. They are professional to work with and consistently produce high quality results.”