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Indonesian Supplies Group provides a wide range of services to consultants. In providing these service activities, Indonesian Supplies have general requirements that must be known and complied with by consultants before deciding to use Indonesian Supplies services. We will explain these requirements below.


  1. Indonesian supplies provide an opportunity for anyone who is competent and has special skills & abilities to become a consultant for Indonesian Supplies.
  2. Anyone who wants to become a consultant for Indonesia Supplies Website as referred to in point 1 (one) must have according to the law such as being over 21 (twenty one) years old or married and having mental health as regulated in Article 330 of the Civil Code.
  3. Indonesian Supplies provides various online services as well as access to enter the Indonesian Supplies market.
  4. Consultants may provide training or services from time to time to clients.
  5. Consultants can provide additional services such as online courses or training to clients through Indonesian Supplies website.
  6. In the event that the consultant provides services to the client, the consultant must pay 30% (thirty percent) for commissions and 20% (twenty percent) for taxes to Indonesian supplies which are clearly regulated in the cooperation agreement with Indonesian Supplies.
  7. Indonesian Supplies provide zoom meeting to do various activities.
  8. Services and Online Courses carried out by consultants consist of:
    • Operational Excellence;
    • Asset Management;
    • Purchasing Solutions;
    • Accounting & Taxes;
    • Business Analysis;
    • Digital Transformation;
    • Other services and/or courses that may be provided by consultants subject to approval by Indonesian Supplies.
  1. Indonesian Supplies will make it easier for clients to choose the right consultants by providing assessment qualifications to consultants which will be explained in the ABOUT CONSULTANTS section.
  2. All kinds of services above may not be misused by any party for the purpose of profit and/or personal interest.


  1. Indonesian supplies consultant is any person domiciled within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
  2. Indonesian Supplies consultant is a consultant who already has sign up to become an Indonesian Supplies member and has been registered as a consultant who has obtained rights and obligations from Indonesian Supplies.
  3. Consultants with SILVER qualifications are consultants who have experienced at least 12 (twelve) months or at least have been consultants in 2 (two) projects.
  4. Consultants with the GOLD qualification type are consultants who have experienced for at least 24 (twenty four) months or at least have been consultants in 4 (four) projects.
  5. Consultants with PLATINUM qualifications are consultants who have experienced for at least 48 (forty eight) months or at least have been consultants in 8 (eight) projects.
  6. Giving the logo status in paragraph 3 to paragraph 5 to the consultant is subject to the consultant’s performance, behaviour and compliance with Indonesian Supplies policies.
  7. Indonesian Supplies reserves the right to reserve or remove the consultant logo status if it has poor performance, reputation or not compliance with Indonesian Supplies policies.
  8. Client is an individual or company that has registered as a client on the Indonesian Supplies website and has the ability to hire services or courses from a consultant.
  9. Indonesian Supplies does provide services to clients from time to time depending on the scope of work to be performed.


  1. Consultants get email access to get in touch with clients.
  2. Consultants can work flexibly from home and can manage their schedule with clients according to the agreement.
  3. Consultants can generate incomes online from every purchase made.
  4. Consultants can develop new skills.
  5. The consultant gets a status label from Indonesian Supplies after going through a series of evaluations as described in section B.
  6. Consultant gain experience, and feedback from clients so as to improve the reputation of the consultant and gain experience in carrying out project at Indonesian Supplies.
  7. Consultant could be invited from time to time to participate the events to promote Indonesian Supplies consulting services.
  8. Consultant have the right to decide to accept or reject any project submitted to them. However, this decision must be notified to Indonesian Supplies within a maximum of 24 hours by email or written statement. Consultants can provide reasons for the refusal of the client in the refusal column.
  9. Consultant get a consultant dashboard that has various benefits such as making it easier to get information and being able to promote themselves to buyers.
  10. Consultant get zoom access to do various activities to client.
  11. Consultants get all kinds of necessary arrangements to improve services and quality from Indonesian Supplies


  1. In the event that the consultant wishes to become a consultant member on Indonesian Supplies and able to provide services to clients, the consultant must attach the following data:
    • Emails;
    • Store Name;
    • Gender;
    • Place and date of birth;
    • NIK/ NIB;
    • TIN;
    • Contact;
    • Complete address;
    • Education;
    • Employment history;
    • Application letter;
    • Curriculum Vitae;
    • Portfolio;
    • Agree to all terms and conditions;

2. When you have successfully registered and already have an account, the consultant must attach the following data:

    • Consultant’s name;
    • Age;
    • Skills:
    • Availability;
    • Market;
    • Experience;
    • Ability;
    • Language:
    • Certification;
    • Address;
    • Other required documents.

3. The consultant must allow Indonesian supplies to upload all documents that have been given to Indonesian Supplies such as portfolio, experience, skills and other data as listed in number 1 and number 2 to be shared with buyers who have registered with Indonesian Supplies.


  1. The consultant shall submit a time sheet to the client showing the working report every week on Friday and shall require the signature from the client as proof of approval.
  2. The time sheet shall be submitted every Friday and shall be returned (signed timesheet) to the Indonesian Supplies on the next Tuesday.
  3. If the timesheet is not signed by the client before next Tuesday, Indonesian Supplies will consider that the consultant failed to perform the work to be carried out and will engage to find a resolution with the parties involved (client & consultant).
  4. Indonesian Supplies reserves the right to suspend the provision of the work to be carried out, until a resolution is agreed between all parties involved.
  5. If there is a dispute in the time sheet, the buyer can replace the consultant with certain conditions. But the buyer will be subject to a penalty or fine of a certain amount which will be regulated in detail in the agreement


  1. The Consultant must acknowledge and comply with all data issues described in the cookies and the privacy policy on the Indonesian Supplies website.
  2. The Consultant must provide all data and/or documents required by Indonesian Supplies to provide transparent information about its service functions to clients.
  3. The Consultant shall not provide false and/or false data which may cause loss to Indonesian Supplies.
  4. Such data or documents must be provided to us at the time of registration or at any other time in accordance with the agreement of Indonesian Supplies.
  5. Consultants may not share and/or publish client’s data or documents without a permission from Indonesian Supplies.
  6. Consultants may not share and/or publish data or documents that belong to Indonesian Supplies and to partner.
  7. More detailed issues regarding data, schedules and others will be discussed clearly in the cooperation agreement.
  8. When the consultant provide false information about experience, diploma or other information, Indonesian Supplies reverse the right to cancel the membership.


  1. Indonesian Supplies services to consultants only cover the services that have been mentioned in INDONESIAN SUPPLIES CONSULTANT SERVICES.
  2. All kinds of activities or services that are not expressly stated in the INDONESIAN SUPPLIES CONSULTANT SERVICE, are not included in the Indonesian Supplies service.
  3. If the Consultant wishes to obtain several services that are not regulated as referred to in point 2 (two), the Consultant must make a separate agreement for such activities with Indonesian Supplies.


  1. By using the services of Indonesian Supplies, the consultant agrees not to engage in cooperation or other activities that are considered as competitors of Indonesian Supplies.
  2. The term of this non-competition agreement is 6 (six) months from the end of the cooperation between the consultant and Indonesian Supplies.


  1. The Consultant will use the Information belonging to Indonesian Supplies only for the purpose of implementing the Cooperation Agreement.
  2. The Consultant undertakes to safeguard the confidentiality of Indonesian Supplies information as well as possible and will not share it and/or publish it to third parties or other parties.
  3. This non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement is governed by and construed under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, without regard to any conflict of law principles contained therein.
  4. This agreement is effective from the time the consultant registers to become a member at Indonesian Supplies.


  1. Consultants membership are free of charge when registering to become a consultant on Indonesian Supplies.
  2. Consultants can collect fees from clients with certain nominal and payment methods which are detailed in the cooperation agreement and negotiated by Indonesian Supplies.
  3. Consultants can collect fees from publication in product to download expo.
  4. Consultants can see the money that has been withdrawn in the ledger book.
  5. Indonesian Supplies reserves the right to collect fees from consultants for any services, services, courses or anything provided to clients which are detailed in the cooperation agreement.
  6. The fees paid by the consultant to Indonesian Supplies are specifically regulated in the cooperation agreement.
  7. Indonesian Supplies reserves the right to charge additional fees for additional services requested and/or performed by consultants.
  8. The consultant is obliged to pay the Indonesian Supplies service fee on time as detailed in the cooperation agreement and Indonesian Supplies reserves the right to withdraw amount due the tax.
  9. Consultants can make payments in 2 ways, namely via Paypal or Bank Transfer.
  10. If the consultant chooses to be payed via Paypal, the consultant must fill in the Paypal email address.
  11. If the consultant chooses to be payed by Bank Transfer, the consultant must fill in: (i) account name, (ii) account number, (iii) bank name, (iv) bank address, (v) routing number.
  12. For payment via bank transfer, payment can be made through BCA bank account number 5235241991 on behalf of PT. Nusae Nadi Indonesia.
  13. Indonesian Supplies do not accept payment in cash or any foreign payment method unless it has obtained written approval from Indonesian Supplies.
  14. If the consultant does not pay the service fee to Indonesian Supplies which is past due for 30 (thirty) days, then Indonesian Supplies has the right of retention, which is to retain all important information and/or documents. In addition, Indonesian Supplies also reserves the right to suspend activities, as well as services provided to clients.


  1. Any party may be released from these terms and conditions if hindered by a force majeure event.
  2. The force majeure event in question is a riot, strike, war, terrorist act, civil disturbance, governmental authority (whether such authority is real or assumed), fire, flood, hurricane, other disaster, or other such cause which is reasonably in beyond the control of the affected party.
  3. Any party to these terms and conditions who is unable, in whole or in part, to carry out its obligations under these terms and conditions due to force majeure must immediately provide written notice of this matter to the other party stating fairly in detail about the underlying circumstances. the force majeure.
  4. Each party to these terms and conditions claiming force majeure must make maximum efforts to use all reasonable efforts to eliminate the cause of the force majeure.
  5. Each party must immediately give written notice to the other party as well as to Indonesian Supplies of the termination of the force majeure and shall resume the performance of the suspended obligation as soon as reasonably practicable after the termination of the force majeure.


  1. The entire service may terminate if:
    • Has expired;
    • The consultant did not extend the Indonesian Supplies service cooperation;
    • There are subjective and objective elements that are violated in the legal terms of the agreement as regulated in Article 1320 of the Civil Code;
    • Requests from consultants and clients due to non – performance of consultant.
    • It is specified otherwise in the cooperation agreement letter.
  1. Indonesian Supplies has the right to refuse requests to terminate services by consultants unilaterally if based on the views and opinions of Indonesian Supplies there are indications of counterfeiting, fraud, or other actions that violate the provisions of applicable regulations in Indonesia and international law.
  2. Non compliance with all membership terms and conditions as described above.


  1. Consultant is prohibited from abusing the activities of services, services or anything provided by Indonesian Supplies.
  2. Consultant is prohibited from misusing data or documents in any form.
  3. Consultant is prohibited from transferring, distributing, or notifying other parties (other than the parties to the agreement) in physical form, electronic media and/or other media that can be used to divulge our and/or clients’ secrets. This can be excluded if there is written approval from Indonesian Supplies.
  4. Consultant is prohibited from providing false and/or false data which may cause loss to Indonesian Supplies.
  5. Consultant is prohibited from carrying out activities in any form that can harm or create a bad image of Indonesian Supplies.
  6. Consultant is prohibited from carrying out activities in any form that can harm outside parties.
  7. Consultant is prohibited from intentionally or fabricating force majeure conditions with the aim of deceiving or deceiving other parties, especially Indonesian Supplies.
  8. If any party violates this provision, then Indonesian Supplies can process the matter in accordance with the relevant legal rules applicable in Indonesia.
  9. If the consultant or other party commits any or all of the actions that can be categorized as violating the applicable law, then Indonesian Supplies must be released from lawsuits, whether civil, criminal charges or other legal provisions that apply globally by any party.
  10. In the event that the consultant is a foreign citizen, then in the cooperation agreement it will be determined which law is used when a dispute occurs. In addition, each party must also comply with all kinds of rules regulated in their respective countries.


  1. A term or condition, or part thereof, which is declared or determined to be unlawful, invalid, prohibited or unenforceable under any applicable law in any jurisdiction shall be deemed invalid to the extent that such determination does not invalidate, impair or render invalid, any other terms or conditions of these Indonesian Supplies terms and conditions, and such designation in any jurisdiction shall not invalidate, diminish the validity or invalidate such conditions in any other jurisdiction.
  2. Notwithstanding any provision in the Terms of Service giving rise to any dispute, dispute, claim, or difference between Indonesian Supplies and consultants in connection with the provision of this Service including breach, termination, negligence or validity of the terms and others, Indonesian Supplies and consultants will endeavor to , for a period of thirty (30) days after receiving notification from the party or parties regarding the existence of a Dispute, to resolve the Dispute through deliberation between each party first. If the Dispute cannot be resolved by way of deliberation within thirty (30) days, then the Dispute may be submitted and finally resolved by arbitration in Indonesia, in accordance with the regulations of the Indonesian National Arbitration Board (BANI), which was established on November 30, 1977. based on the Decree of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce No. SKEP/152/DPH/1977 in Indonesia. The arbitration will be conducted by one (1) arbitrator and the language of the arbitration will be Indonesian.
  3. If the parties do not want to settle the dispute through BANI, then the dispute resolution can be carried out with the option of a civil lawsuit or even criminal prosecution in the competent district court.
  4. In the event that the disputing party is a foreign citizen (foreigner), it can use international arbitration bodies such as the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Institute (SCC), American Arbitration Association (ICDR), French Arbitration Association (AFA), Singapore International Arbitration Center (SIAC), and/or other international arbitration bodies regulated in the cooperation agreement.
  5. The terms and conditions of the Indonesian Supplies Services which contain the rights, obligations and licenses granted under these Terms and Conditions of Service cannot be transferred or assigned, except on the basis of mutual agreement.
  6. The terms and conditions of this Service shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. All parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia in relation to and/or in connection with the Terms and Conditions of this Indonesian Supplies Service.
  7. Indonesian Supplies reserves the right and is free at its sole discretion to reduce, add and/or change these terms and conditions at any time as needed.


Last modified: 31 August 2021