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  1. Trademark is a mark used by the Vendor on a product that is registered and traded on Indonesian Supplies.
  2. Trademarks owned by Vendors must be registered in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) so that they have power before the law.
  3. Examples of trademarks referred to in numbers 1 and 2 are symbols, slogans, company names, and brand mascots.
  4. Vendors must comply with all rules related to copyrights, patents, brands and others that are included in the category of intellectual property rights that apply in Indonesia.
  5. Vendors are responsible independently if they violate these terms and conditions.
  6. Indonesian Supplies must be released from any lawsuits resulting from the fault or negligence of the Vendor.
  7. Indonesian Supplies has the right to take all necessary steps if the Vendor violates these terms and conditions, including to exercise the rights stipulated in the laws and regulations in force in Indonesia.
  8. Indonesian Supplies has the right to modify or make changes to these terms and conditions without the approval of the Vendor.

Version             : 1.0

Last modified : 22nd of November 2021