Riser Tensioning System

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Dril-Quip offers a riser tensioning system that provides constant tension to the drilling and/or production riser independent of the motion of the Floating Production Platform. These systems include all necessary components to operate and maintain riser tensioning in either automatic or manual modes.





All Dril-Quip Tensioning Systems feature the same highly-engineered, reliable and field-proven materials and components:

  • Design life of 20-25 years
  • Designed with the capability of operating in all riser modes with one cylinder out
  • Low volume hydro-pneumatic cylinder takes advantage of a patented feature to minimize the size of the external accumulator
  • Cylinder Barrel ID sealing surfaces are plated with engineered hard chrome for long life and tested in excess of 1 million cycles to simulate 20 years of cylinder movement (based on global riser analysis)
  • Seals are a redundant, dual, elastomeric arrangement for long-life, high-pressure sealing
  • Pressure relief devices are connected to accumulators to prevent over-pressurization of the cylinder accumulator assembly
  • Stainless steel plumbing between the cylinders and the accumulators
  • Tensioner Cassette Frame design optimized using FEA to minimize weight and improve fatigue life
  • Dril-Quip offers two types of riser tensioning systems: pull-up style and Ram (push-up) style
  • Strokes up to 30 feet and tensioner capacities up to 4,000,000 lbs.
  • Push-up designs offered with Ram Style tensioner cylinders

Pull-up Style Tensioner

The heart of the tensioner system is the pull-up cylinder/accumulator assembly. The unitized assembly is comprised of a hydro-pneumatic cylinder, an external high-pressure accumulator, a low-pressure accumulator, and upper and lower-end connections.

  • Pull-up tensioners offered in straight pull-up (mounted below cassette) or tendome (mounted above cassette)
  • Offers benefits of traditional, field-proven, pull-up tensioner designs and includes spherical end bearings that allow up to 10° of angular misalignment between the riser and the platform
  • Solid bar tensioner piston rod has external surfaces clad with a field-proven, cobalt-based alloy that is impervious to drilling/completion fluids and salt water spray
  • Hydraulic control system, fluid maintenance cart and tensioner cassette are standard offerings for these systems
  • Designed for Spar applications that have a keel and use a Keel Joint for centralization of riser
  • Used when large strokes and high top tensions loads are present (typical of ultradeep Spar applications)
  • Includes spherical end bearings that allow angular misalignment between the riser and the platform
  • Both cylinders and HP accumulator are installed and serviced from the load structure

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