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The Dril-Quip LS-15™ Liner Hanger System is a new generation of Liner Hanger and Liner Hanger Packer, utilizing Dril-Quip’s field-proven subsea technology.

Dril-Quip’s LS-15 Liner Hanger products are built to perform under a wide range of conditions, and are ideally suited for long reach, high-angle, horizontal and ultraheavy liner completions. This premium liner hookup incorporates many innovative tool designs, ensuring reliable operation and service in many of today’s most demanding wells.





Rugged, Durable, Built to Drill Down.

The LS-15 Liner Hanger System has been purpose-built for true drill-down applications. Operators in many areas of the world experience considerable difficulty with wellbore stability that may cause hole problems. The LS-15 Liner Hanger System is capable of accommodating, depending on the size requested, from 20,000 to 160,000 ft-lb of rotational torque through the tool, enabling the operator to rigorously “drill” the liner into the hole.

With Subsea Annulus Sealing Technology

The LS-15 Liner Hanger System is available with an integral single-trip packer. This proprietary packer system uses the innovative LS-15 Liner-to-Casing Seal and incorporates a variation of the true metal-to-metal sealing technology used in Dril-Quip's highly successful, patented SS-15™ Subsea Wellhead System.

Maximize flow-by area and resist damage due to swabbing while tripping into the wellbore and circulating. The packer is recessed in the running position and the elastomer backup seal is molded to the metal carrier. This design greatly reduces rig expense and operational risk when compared to more conventional liner hanger packers. The LS-15 Packer Seal also ensures high-pressure and high-temperature (HPHT) metal-to-metal sealing in the most demanding wellbore environments for the life of the well.

The LS-15 Liner Hanger System features field-proven technology that incorporates the following:

  • High-strength, high-pressure, high load carrying capacity
  • Metal-to-metal Annulus Packer Seal for high- pressure service
  • No hydraulic or mechanical devices on the hanger body, minimizing leak paths
  • Large slip area and controlled friction minimizes stress in the supporting casing
  • All hangers are automatically centralized when C-Ring Slip is set
  • Bypass flow area is the same after setting the liner hanger slip as in the running-in position
  • Maximizes circulating flow-by areas for efficient cementing operations
  • The LS-15 Liner Hanger System can be sized and configured to customer specifications

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