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JMI expanded its shipyard facilities in 1985 to enhance the customer services. The building dock was lengthened from 82 m x 21.5 m to 102 m x 21.5 m as to increase the capacity from 2,250 tons to 7,000 tons. The graving dock was also lengthened from 90 m x 20 m to 110 m x 20 m , having increased the capacity of 3,000 tons to 8,000 tons. In addition to the expansion of dock structures, several workshops were also constructed as to include plating, machinery, and electrical workshops. Further, the additional of mobile cranes, wharf crane, and other equipments has deservedly positioned JMI in the domestic and regional shipping industry as a noteworthy ships builder and repairer in the maritime industry.


Remark of JMI unit I

1.Main Office18.Parking Area
2.Parking Area19.Mosque and Canteen
3.Open Storage ( 32 x 20 M )20.Labour Facility
 Oxygen Tank21.B/R For Ship's Crew
4.Warehouse / Up. Mould Loft ( 30 x 10 M )22.Building Berth ( 112 x 21 M )
5.Equip. Maint. Dept.23.Porter
6.Power House24.Jetty
7.Sand Store25.Pump Room
8.Galvanis Shop26.Tower Crane, Cap. = 15 ton, O.R. = 15 ton
9.Hull Dep. Office27.Porter
10.Machine Shop ( 30 x 20 M )28.Machine Department Office
11.Hull Shop ( 40 x 20 M )29.Outfitting Shop
12.Wellding Shad I ( 58 x 17 M )30.Safety Department Office
13.Wellding Shad II ( 37 x 17 M )31.Electrical Shop
14.Wellding Shad III ( 99 x 17 M )32.Electrical Department Office
15.Graving Dock ( 110 x 20 M )33.Dock Department Office
17.Parking Area


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