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  1. Customs clearance service is a logistics Vendor service that assists Buyers in taking care of all kinds of procedures needed before goods are imported or exported.
  2. The benefits of using a customs clearance service are:
    • Fulfill All Logistics Documents Easily. International shipping of goods such as logistics, cargo delivery, and/or other foreign transit, requires the Buyer to submit documents before making the shipment. Required documents such as certificate of origin, payment of duty, commercial invoice and bill of lading. This document is needed to ensure the goods will be processed smoothly. If this document is not submitted correctly or even does not exist, then the shipment may incur other costs such as additional warehousing fees, additional distribution costs and fines.
    • Knowing Shipping Prices Accurately. Using a customs clearance service is also beneficial to gain the ability to estimate the cost of shipping goods and avoid unnecessary costs.
  3. The types of documents included in the customs clearance service are:
    • Export Documentation containing Purchase Order (PO) from Buyer, Sales Invoice, Packing List, Shipping Invoice, Bill of Lading, Certificate of Origin and other specific documentation as specified by buyer, or as required by financial institution or LC requirements or as required importing country regulations.
    • Import Documentation containing Purchase Order (PO) from Buyer, supplier Sales Invoice, Bill of Entry, Bill of Lading, Packing List, Certificate of Authenticity and other specific documents required by Buyer or financial institution or importer country regulations.
  4. The logistics vendor must provide guarantees regarding the security and legality of all documents that fall into the category of customs clearance to the Buyer.
  5. If there is damage, loss or other bad actions to the customs clearance document then it is the full responsibility of the logistics vendor to bear all financial losses.
  6. If the Buyer is harmed due to the negligence or intentional negligence of the logistics Vendor so that an undesirable event occurs as referred to in point 5, the logistics Vendor is obliged to replace all losses belonging to the Buyer without involving Indonesian Supplies.
  7. Indonesian Supplies must be released from any lawsuits caused by the fault or negligence of the logistics Vendor.
  8. Indonesian Supplies has the right to take all necessary steps if the logistics Vendor and Buyer violate these terms and conditions, including to exercise the rights stipulated in the laws and regulations in force in Indonesia.
  9. The terms and conditions determined by the logistics vendor regarding customs clearance services must not conflict with these terms and conditions.
  10. Indonesian Supplies reserves the right to modify or make changes to these terms and conditions without the approval of the logistics Vendor or Purchaser.

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Last Modified: 24/11/2021