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The Indonesian market opportunity

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The inflation in Indonesia has dropped during the last years from 5,6% in 2016 to 3,8% (Forecast for 2018 & 2019).

The country represent a potential market of 263 million of consumers which has double its population during the last 40 years. The national debt is around 32% and a growth around 5% meanwhile the economy is slowing down worldwide.

India may represent an alternative with 1,4 billion of consumers and an average salary of $18000; Therefor Indonesia remain the best place to invest with a significant customers market having access to 4G network.

Indonesia E commerce market is on track to become one of the biggest markets in Asia with a potential to comprise 52% of Southeast Asia’s Market by 2025, leaded by Lazada with more than 100M visitors a month.

It is also important to mention that according to IMD World Competitiveness center Indonesia is the country in ASEAN which have the highest improvement ranking with China, as the government is investing in the construction of new infrastructures and new power plants, in order to meet the significant needs of the new Indonesian Supplies market.