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The e-Commerce in ASEAN

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The eCommerce in ASEAN has become a huge opportunity for individuals & SMEs to develop their own online business, but also for well known FMCG companies to conquer new consumers.

ASEAN Market represent today about 640M consumers, leaded by Indonesia which is representing about 263M consumers. However it is important to point out here that the natality rate is high and the population increased by 100% during the last 40 years. 

In term of sales we are talking here about $5,3b revenue by year for Indonesia, meanwhile Thailand ($2,8b), Malaysia ($1,8b) or Vietnam ($1,6b) are following.

The key players are,,, (a new comer from China which is now focusing on the Indonesian market) and Those websites are  representing a monthly traffic of more than 500M visitors. Such Market is transforming the local economy in ASEAN.

The key players are now working on the development of the next 3PL business model in Singapore & all leading countries in ASEAN.

Online payment solutions and mobiles apps are also key elements of this eCommerce success story because the ASEAN economy is mainly driven by cash payments.

Indonesian mobile market is composed by 80% of Androids phones, 3,5% of iOS phones and 16,5% Windows and others phones  .

The Local regulation in the ASEAN countries are under development and the leaders in this domain are Singapore and Malaysia.