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Indonesian Supplies Buyers Membership

Indonesian Supplies can assist your company to source, evaluate and purchase products and services from reliable suppliers in Indonesia and in ASEAN, by providing to your organisation key information about the local market.

Indonesian Supplies Membership will give you access to suppliers audits, negotiated pricing agreement, publications and references about your targeted suppliers market in Indonesia and in ASEAN.

Indonesian Supplies can also carry out Rfx and suppliers audits on your behalf and connect your organisation to the key suppliers in Indonesia and in ASEAN.

If you want to have additional information, please feel free to contact our consultants, who will provide you with information about our personalised assistance schemes and solutions available for our members, in order to successfully implement your company project(s) in Indonesia and in ASEAN.


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Our Buyers Membership is focusing on B2B contractors & distributors meeting our Quality and safety requirement. Our Focus is to make your business sustainable