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  1. Storage of goods is a storage activity carried out by logistics Vendors to store goods, which belong to the Buyer before being taken out by the Buyer while it is still in the delivery process.
  2. Logistics Vendors is a services company providing storing services & warehousing services in a predefined location that may propose addition of services such as banded stone, watchmen, packing, internal logistic services or a predefined service.
  3. Logistics vendors must guarantee that the goods stored will be safe from damage, loss or other events.
  4. The logistics vendor must give the buyer a certain period of time to pick up the goods that are still stored in the logistics vendor’s warehouse.
  5. In the event of damage, loss or other bad actions then it is entirely the responsibility of the logistics vendor to financially cover the damage.
  6. If the Buyer is harmed due to negligence or intentional negligence of the logistics Vendor so that undesirable event occur as in point 4, the logistics Vendor is obliged to replace all losses belonging to the Buyer without involving Indonesian Supplies.
  7. The Vendor must provide insurance certificates for the coverage of the goods in the Vendor facilities.
  8. The Buyer can consult the insurance certificates for the coverage of the goods in the Vendor page or should ask for the document if not available.
  9. The Buyer must review and agree to the terms provided in the insurance certificates.
  10. If the Buyer want additional coverages for the goods stored in the Vendor facilities additional fees may apply.
  11. If the goods are damaged during the storage period, the Buyer and the Vendor must inform Indonesian Supplies with the propose to follow up the services quality provided by the Vendor.
  12. The Vendor remain responsible to reimbursed any damaged, loss of the goods stored in the Vendor facility during the storage period.
  13. Indonesian Supplies must be released from any lawsuits caused by the fault or negligence of the logistics Vendor.
  14. Indonesian Supplies has the right to take all necessary steps if the logistics Vendor and Buyer violate these terms and conditions, including to exercise the rights stipulated in the laws and regulations in force in Indonesia.
  15. The terms and conditions determined by the logistics Vendor regarding the storage of goods must not conflict with these terms and conditions.
  16. Indonesian Supplies reserves the right to modify or make changes to these terms and conditions without the approval of the logistics Vendor or Purchaser.

Version: 2.1

Last Modified: 19/11/2021