The Bukit Tua Phase 2B and Phase 3 Petronas Carigali Ketapang II Ltd Projects

Bukit Tua Field, WK Ketapang II, an offshore oil field that also produces associated gas, is located 35 km north of Madura Island with a depth of ± 57m of water. The Bukit Tua Field Phase-2B development project is included in the Bukit Tua Field Plan of Future Development (POFD) which was approved in May 2017. Under the POFD, the project aims to monetize hydrocarbon reserves consisting of oil reserves of around 20 MMstb and gas of 45 Bscf.

The scope of the Phase-2B development is the construction of 1 new wellhead platform (BTJT-B) along with its production facilities and utilities with the concept of normally unmanned, construction of hydrocarbon distribution pipes from wells on the BTJT-B platform to the existing platform (BTJT-B -A), including the construction of a gas lift pipe, for drilling 6 development wells. Until the end of 2018, this project is still in the FEED stage. Meanwhile, for the Bukit Tua Phase-3 Field Development project included in the Kujung Gas POD approved in March 2018 with the scope of work to make modifications on the BTJT-A wellhead platform (extension platform) to drill 3 development wells.

In 2018, this Phase-3 field development is implementing FEED and planned to be completed in January 2019. The gas produced will be sold at the Onshore Receiving Facility (ORF) located at the Maspion Industrial Estate – Gresik within ± 110 km from Bukit Tua Field, with the end user is PT Pembangkit Jawa Bali which will be used for electricity.