Procurement of Material Module Generator H2

PT Pembangkitan Jawa-Bali (PJB) as a subsidiary of PT PLN which has been established since 1995 has a vision to become a leading Indonesian power generation company with world-class standards. In terms of operation and maintenance, PT PJB is supported by the Operations & Maintenance Services Business Unit (UBJ O & M), one of which is the Rembang power plant. To realize PT PJB’s vision and as an implementation of the company’s concern for the environment, UBJ O&M PLTU Rembang has determined the area called in situ conservation area through the General Manager Decree of PT PJB UBJ O&M PLTU Rembang Number: 0.17.K / 020 / UBRBG / 2017 , regarding the Biodiversity Policy of PT PJB UBJ O&M PLTU Rembang, dated July 25, 2017. This decision is a manifestation of the company’s performance and part of the assessment aspect is more than required (beyond compliance) in the PROPER assessment in accordance with Regulation of the Minister of Environment of the Republic of Indonesia Number 03 2014, concerning the Company Performance Rating Assessment Program in Environmental Management.

PT Pembangkitan Java-Bali O&M Goods / Services Procurement Implementation Business Unit PLTU Rembang conducts an Open Tender as follows:

Tender Name Procurement Of Material Module Generator H2
Source of funds AO 2019
Bidder Requirements a. Companies with legal status as proven by SIUP / IUT / IUI / SIUJK

b. The supplier of goods / services has at least 1 (one) experience
providing similar Procurement (Supply brand Teledyne, the main part of H2
Generator) within the last 5 (five) years as evidenced by a copy of work
order / contract and minutes of completion of work or handover of goods;

c. Service providers are not currently undergoing Blacklist sanctions
within the PT PLN (Persero) Group.

Auction Implementation a. Registration and Retrieval of Procurement Documents

Date: 18 November 2019 to 27 November 2019

Hours: 13.00 WIB – 16.00 WIB

Place: Procurement Office of PT PJB UBJ O&M PLTU Rembang

Jl. Semarang – Surabaya KM 130. Leran Village, Kec. Sluke, Apex

Contact Person: Endri Bayu K.: 0821 3604 7726;


b. Auction Explanation (Aanwijzing)

Day / Date: Thursday / November 21 2019

Hours: 13.30 WIB – Completed

Place: Procurement Office of PT PJB UBJ O&M PLTU Rembang

Jl. Semarang – Surabaya KM 130. Desa Leran, Kec. Sluke, Apex

Caption: Expected (MANDATORY) to bring the Registration Certificate
(Original) and Power of Attorney

4. Registration and collection of Procurement Documents can be
represented by bringing a letter of assignment from the President Director /
Company Head / Branch Head and Company Identification Card.

5. A person is prohibited from representing more than 1 (one) company
in registering and taking Procurement Documents.

6. Providers who register to participate in the auction but do not
submit Bid Documents without professional reasons will be subject to Black
List sanctions for 6 (six) months.

This announcement is not a bond that can result in financial
obligations to the PT Pembebunan Jawa-Bali O&M Services Business Unit of
Rembang PLTU.