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  1. Onshore storage management service is the storage of goods belonging to the Buyer, which is carried out by the Seller in a warehouse or other storage area within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia and has met the following requirements before being taken over by the Buyer while still in the delivery process.
  2. Vendor is a company that provides onshore storage & warehousing services at predetermined locations and can provide additional services such as bonded stone services, guards, packing goods, internal logistics services or additional agreed services.
  3. The vendor must guarantee that the goods stored will be safe from damage, loss or other things.
  4. The Vendor must give the Buyer a certain time to pick up the goods that are still stored in the Vendor warehouse.
  5. In the event of damage, loss or other bad actions, it is the full responsibility of the Vendor to bear all financial losses.
  6. If the Buyer is harmed due to the Vendor’s negligence or intentionality, resulting in an undesirable event as referred to in number 5, the Vendor is obliged to replace all losses that belong to the Buyer without involving Indonesian Supplies.
  7. The vendor must provide a certificate of insurance for goods coverage at the Vendor facility.
  8. Buyers can see the goods insurance certificate on the Vendor page or can request if it is not available.
  9. The buyer must check and agree to all the terms stated in the certificate of insurance to cover the value of the goods.
  10. If the Buyer wants additional protection for the goods stored in the Vendor’s facilities, this can be done at an additional cost.
  11. Every security guard assigned to supervise the warehouse is a permanent employee or outsourced employee who has met certain requirements
  12. If the goods are damaged during the storage period, the Buyer and the Vendor are obliged to provide information to Indonesian Supplies by submitting a proposal containing follow-up on the quality of the service provided by the Vendor.
  13. Vendor is responsible for replacing any damage and loss of goods stored in Vendor’s facilities during the storage period.
  14. Indonesian Supplies must be released from any lawsuits resulting from the fault or negligence of the Vendor.
  15. Indonesian Supplies has the right to take all necessary steps if the Vendor and Buyer violate these terms and conditions, including to exercise the rights stipulated in the laws and regulations in force in Indonesia.
  16. The terms and conditions determined by the Vendor regarding the storage of goods must not conflict with these terms and conditions.
  17. Indonesian Supplies is not responsible for any damage, loss, non-compliance, delay or other things that are detrimental to both the owner and manager caused by the fault and negligence of both parties.
  18. Every activity in these terms and conditions is subject to and complies with the Regulation of the Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia Number 90/M-DAG/PER/12/2014 concerning Warehouse Arrangement and Development and other related regulations.
  19. If there is a dispute between the vendor and the buyer, it will be resolved through deliberation.
  20. If the dispute cannot be resolved through deliberation, then the Dispute can be submitted and finalized by arbitration in Indonesia, in accordance with the regulations of the Indonesian National Arbitration Board (BANI), which was established on November 30, 1977 based on the Decree of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce No. SKEP/152/DPH/1977 in Indonesia using Indonesian.
  21. Indonesian Supplies reserves the right to modify or amend these terms and conditions without the approval of the Vendor.


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Last Modified: 31/03/2022