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Over the years, the global consumption of goods, services and raw materials has steadily increased, imposing the need to ship these goods and raw materials around the world to their final destination for processing and the consumption.

Therefore, the raw material comes mainly from the same region of the world, the evolution of consumers has moved from developed countries to developing countries, opening the possibility of establishing new production plants close to the new consumer.

Global consumer demand never fell during the pandemic situation as businesses were eager to stockpile products to avoid shortages of goods, creating a global situation of rising commodity prices and transportation costs.

The current market has now become a supplier's market due to the limited raw material capacity in the world, the limited number of manufacturers available due to the post-pandemic situation and the current high demand for goods and services to limit the global inflation situation.

Indonesian Supplies has focused on providing alternative suppliers from Indonesia and ASEAN, to provide fully qualified local content to foreign investors. By developing a fully digital online solution, your business will benefit from a 10% to 25% reduction in procurement costs, excluding travel costs to ASEAN, and be able to secure supplier capacity in accordance with our vision.

Our solutions will give you the opportunity:

  • to develop your portfolio of qualified suppliers in ASEAN and monitor supplier audits.
  • to qualify the alternative sources for Europe and the Middle East.
  • to secure vendor capacity and have a dedicated local team to provide operational support.
  • to get legal assistance from our legal team when needed and download predefined agreements by market
  • to schedule and download supplier performance audits with downloadable performance reports
  • to reduce the cost of your overall purchasing activities per purchase order.