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Thru the Years the global consumption for goods, Services and raw material kept going up, imposing the need to ship these goods and raw material around the globe to their final destination for transformation and consumptions.

Therefor the raw material are mainly coming from the same region in the world, the consumers evolution has moved from developed countries to developing countries, opening the opportunities to create new production plants near the new consumer.

The global consumers demand never drop during the pandemic situation as companies were eager to stock products to avoid any shortage of goods, creating a global situation of pricing increase on goods and transportation costs.

the current market has now become an suppliers market due to the limited capacity of raw material around the globe, the limited number of manufacturers available due to the post pandemic situation and current high demand of goods and services to limit the global inflation situation

Indonesian Supplies have focused on providing alternative vendors from Indonesia and to develop a Fully digital online solution allowing your company to reduce their sourcing cost and to secure their supplies from Indonesian vendors.

Our Solution tend to give you the opportunity:

  • develop your portfolio of vendors in ASEA and to manage your vendors capacity online
  • secure orders and delivery by having a local partner providing operational and legal support
  • make sure the performance of the vendors contracted meet the highest standard in term of Management
  • obtain the best commercial offers buy using our corporate pricing agreement