We all have heard about Internet 2.0, Digital transformation and Digital Marketing. But what does it means and what is the size of this new market? And why the Digital transformation has becomes a key element to the new global economy for new start up and now the historical companies.

We are about 7 519 million of inhabitants worldwide and about 3 890 million internet users in 2017. So only 51,7% of the global population is using internet via PC and/or mobile for networking, Internet research, entertainment and purchases of products or services.

Nowadays 4 917 million of people are using mobile phones, and this market share is increasing by 250 million new users every year. We are then talking about a steady annual growth of 5% for the mobile manufacturers market and its related accessories, which certainly represent a good business opportunity for the coming years.


If I compare those figures above with the number of travellers in all airports world-wide. This market share was only representing about 2 825 million travellers in 2017 and was an alternative growth strategy to the existing shops in the most busiest cities worldwide.

As a comparison, the top five busiest airports by number of travellers are Atlanta (104M), Beijing (94,4M), Dubai (83,6M) and Tokyo (79,7M). when the top five countries by internet users are China (739M), India (462M), USA (282M), Brazil (139M) and of course Indonesia (134M) for 2017. It is also important to indicate that the annual growth of this market is about 9,1% for India and 6,5% for Indonesia, meanwhile the traffic in the airports is slowing down since 2017.


So the question is how to address these 3 890 million potential customers and those 250 million upcoming customers and what are the tools and solutions available to make our products and services more visible ?

The first option is to sell your products and services on the existing platforms such as Amazon (6,1B), Alibaba (6,1B), eBay (2,84B), Lazada (1,2B), in order to benefit from their huge traffic and to attract customers to our stores or websites. Using their existing payment & logistic solutions will allow you to be quickly operational. But each platform is historically attached to a geographical market.

Another solution is to have your own Corporate strategy and to work on the creation of a company website, but questions such as hosting, referencing, payment, logistic solutions, and data protection may be part of the project also. So lets look at the solutions available here to make your website visible and to target the right customers.

 The Branding strategy and related actions to develop the brand are also key in this matter, but will not be developed here as we are focusing on the digital strategy here.


Growth Strategy:

It is certainly important to define how the growth strategy is going to be implemented. Growth strategy may means, prospecting new growing markets or the creation of new additional products line or a mix of these two actions. It is important to point out here that Indonesian Supplies team will be please to assit you in these two matters by facilitating the market entry of your business and by helping you to capture the innovation available.


Product Pricing and differentiation:

Our recommandation here will be to focus on the innovation and the value added to the final customers, as this product differentiation strategy will generate extra sales and better margins.


Global Value Chain Strategy:

It is certainly important to have a good idea of the overall cost to put on a market a product or service. Element such as raw material cost, transformation, importation/exportation, storage and distribution, marketing costs shall be evaluated in order to establish a clear road map and an estimated revenue by contract, by country, by market segmentation.


Hosting Solutions:

The serveur hosting the website should be as close as possible from the targeted audience, as a starting solution. Depending of the volume of traffic; CDN caches options may improve the transfer rate of data at a certain point but for a global coverage this might be a bit tight.

So then a replication of the server shall be considered in order to balance the traffic were the customers are located and then allow a quick access to the website, and a good customer overall experience.


Website design & content:

The performance of the website will also depend of the size of images, photos utilised for your website creation. It is certainly not necessary to upload images in very high resolution as it will slow down the access to the website.

Advanced tools will allow make your website more attractive and more in line with the market share your company would like to address. For example web design based on tools such as Dreamweaver, Muse, Edge Animate, Reflow, Etc.. and will certainly help your website to reach another lever of performance. 


Search Engines referencing:

When addressing a message to a market, it is important to identify which are the tools utilised by those targeted clients and make our website visible in the right place.

Google today represent 90,6%, meanwhile the competitions is far below with Bing (5,2%), Yahoo (2,52%), MSN (1%) and others (0,6%) so the strategy is clear on this point !!!

Except for countries such as Russian where Yandex.ru (45,18%) and China where Baidu (78,76%) and Shenma (8,18%) are to be considered seriously.


Social Networks referencing:

Facebook, will allow you to reach about 2 billion users world wide. It is important to mention here that Facebook will allow you to run very segmented marketing project, by country, by market, by age, etc..

Having a marketing strategy on facebook means addressing 241Million users in India, 240 Million in USA, 130 Million in Indonesia, and 64 million in Vietnam. 

Alternative solutions to facebook will be Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, WordPress, etc..


Targeted Marketing:

Emails Marketing will allow you to directly address selected clients, based on specific criteria. CRM tools can be utilised in WordPress for example.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Designing effective SEO will make your company more visible in Search Engines and also others social network.


May you wish us to assit you with your company digital strategy, please feel free to contact us.