Data Protection & Cybersecurity Officer



  • Monitor the organization’s compliance with relevant data privacy rules and monitor data privacy risks arising in your organization’s activities
  • Inform and advise management and employees of their obligations to comply with the relevant data privacy and security laws
  • Recommend assessment action plans to identify gaps in relation to regulatory requirements, including developing and managing any mandated documentation or audit trail
  • Raise awareness within the organization of how data privacy laws affect data processing requirements
  • Ensure staff are trained on data processing requirements
  • Promote data privacy awareness, including customized training to personnel, from front-line employees to the board
  • Conduct data protection impact assessments
  • Inform and advise about the risks arising from data processing activities
  • Create an operational roadmap and maturity model for your organization
  • Develop data protection impact assessments and risk-mitigation recommendations
  • Maintain data Processing records
  • Conduct data security and processing audits
  • Identify information assets and process flows used to create, store, transmit and dispose of personal data and those that are subject to data privacy specifications
  • Advise when actions are required under relevant data privacy laws and when they are advisable because of the data processing risks arising from your organization’s activities
  • Serve as a point of contact for data subjects and supervisory authorities
  • Monitor compliance with regulatory requirements