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  1. Buyer is a party who hires a Vendor to provide transportation services to crew members.
  2. Vendor is a party that provides crew transportation services.
  3. The vendor must have a special permit or certification to perform crew transportation services.
  4. Vendors who do not have permits or certifications may not sell crew transportation services to Buyers.
  5. Vendors can provide various means of transportation to transport crew members such as small ships, large ships or other means of transportation.
  6. Vendors can provide catering services when providing crew transportation services.
  7. Catering provided by vendors must meet Indonesian standards and have been approved by the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM).
  8. Catering provided by the Vendor must have a halal certificate from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI).
  9. If the caterer does not get a halal certificate from MUI, the vendor must make a statement that the catering provided is halal.
  10. Buyers can ask Vendors for special requests such as timeframe, ship type and other special requests.
  11. Crew transportation services can be arranged more specifically in a memorandum of agreement made by the Buyer and the Seller.
  12. If there is a dispute between the vendor and the buyer, it will be resolved through deliberation.
  13. If the dispute cannot be resolved through deliberation, then the Dispute can be submitted and finalized by arbitration in Indonesia, in accordance with the regulations of the Indonesian National Arbitration Board (BANI), which was established on November 30, 1977 based on the Decree of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce No. SKEP/152/DPH/1977 in Indonesia using Indonesian.
  14. Indonesian Supplies reserves the right to modify or make changes to these terms and conditions without the approval of the Vendor.
  15. Garuda Supplies reserves the right to change or make changes to these terms and conditions without the approval of the Vendor.



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