Indonesian Supplies provides a wide range of services and products to help promote and increase sales of supplier companies that have been registered as members of Indonesian Supplies.

01 Purchase of products

Indonesian Supplies provides a variety of products provided by quality vendors to help your company find the right product at an affordable price.

02  Purchase of services

Indonesian Supplies provides a wide range of services to support your company’s activities or help increase profits for your business.

03  Product rental

To save costs, Indonesian Supplies also rents out a variety of the best products from suppliers that can be rented for a certain period of time.

04  Digital products

Indonesian Supplies offers alternative products in the form of digital products in the form of e-books or PDFs that are able to provide you with knowledge or information related to supplier companies, understand the value of a product and increase profits for your business.

Market Types


Business field that carries out activities of extracting mineral deposits from the earth’s crust, both mechanically and manually, on the earth’s surface, below the earth’s surface and below the water surface such as oil and natural gas, coal, iron sand, tin ore, nickel ore, bauxite ore, copper ore, gold ore, silver and manganese ore.


Business fields that carry out product buying and selling activities in the form of raw materials from agricultural products such as agricultural and livestock products.


A business field that carries out activities to build facilities and infrastructure with certain expertise such as building buildings, houses, bridges and others.


Business fields related to the processing of raw materials or the manufacture of finished goods in factories by using skills and labor and the use of tools in the field of processing agricultural products and carrying out distribution activities.


Business fields that carry out business activities in the field of electronic devices such as cellphones, televisions, laptops and other electronic goods.


A business field that carries out activities to prepare goods to be ready for consumption to be sent, distributed, stored, sold and used, such as packaging cans, plastic packaging and other types of packaging.


A line of business that sells various types of clothing.


Business fields related to hotel, household and other services including products such as kitchen utensils, entertainment goods and so on.

Water Management

A business field that carries out planning, development, distribution and management activities for the optimal use of water resources.


A line of business that runs a business in the field of sea transportation, shipbuilding, ship maintenance, as well as all related industries and services therein.

Offshore & Subsea

Business fields that provide services in the field of offshore drilling under the seabed and the sale of marine equipment for business activities.


A line of business that sells various kinds of goods that are consumed daily, such as processed food, packaged drinks, ready-to-eat food, cosmetics, office supplies and so on.

Medical Devices

A business field that sells goods that are only used in hospital activities or for medical purposes such as drugs, surgical instruments, wheelchairs and so on.


Business field that sells or rents houses, building land, warehouses and other places.

Alternative Energy

Business field that engages in the development, management and sale of renewable energy such as solar power, wind power, biological processes and geothermal.


A business field that focuses on providing transportation services, delivery of goods, pickup of goods and warehouse services for storing stock of goods.