Our Company Values

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To be a company that contributes in fulfilling industry 4.0 and business digitalisation

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Deploying the market best practices by sharing information about the solutions available and providing consulting services by helping the local economy to optimize business models, reduce emissions and carbon footprint.

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Our Strategies

  1. Identifying the Key markets of tomorrow and the key players by market
    Indonesian Supplies will find the next era technology and identifying the key actors around the globe.
  1. Work on the development of the best practices by industry
    Indonesian Supplies will be understanding the best practices by helping to optimise the processes and carbon footprint, Identifying the best technologies and technical solutions of tomorrow, and Deploying proper RFx processes by avoid misunderstanding and loss of times.
  1. Help all industries to integrate the digitalisation to their business model and processes
    Indonesian Supplies will provide a Cyber Physical Solution to implement a successfull Business digitalisation strategy, analytics, proposing effective applications and mobile applications by connecting the Digital twins with IoT, sharing real time information and using the virtual reality and 3D drone technologies, when needed.
  1. Develop optimised measurement tools and Quality management processes, allowing wastes reduction
    Indonesian Supplies will be deploying the metrology, in order to reduce wastes and non-productive time and by using Maintenance Management softwares to optimise Assets TCO, downtime and carbon footprint.
  1. Considering vertical integration as a great opportunity for key players by market
    Indonesian Supplies will share the same processes and best practices by working on the business planification with our vendors, N+1 and N+2 third parties and providing advance online booking tools, allowing better stock optimisation and cash flow optimisation.
  1. Measure key markets footprint and their performance by region, by city, by company
    Indonesian Supplies will build Strong dashboards with relevant KPIs by Deploying new technologies such as IoT, Carbon emission reduction systems, and many others.
  1. Finance the innovation and the new technologies allowing to reach 2050 objectives
    Indonesian Supplies will be financing the local investment in new technology and innovation, financing the purchase of carbon reduction systems and installation of environmentally friendly solutions, and financing alternative energies projects.
  1. Provide online trainings and share experience by using new communications tools
    Indonesian Supplies will give to the local content the opportunity to improve their skills with education, considering online digital content as an opportunity to share innovation and best practices, and Using virtual reality and video conference tools to reduce distance between key actors of the economy.
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Indonesian Supplies always provide reliable, accountable and transparent work processes so that they are always trusted by large companies both in Indonesia and in the world. With this process, Indonesian Supplies can increase your client’s trust in your company in doing business.

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Indonesian Supplies is a company that has high loyalty that always makes your company not only as a client but as a partner in doing business by providing membership services belonging to Indonesian Supplies. With this membership service, Indonesian Supplies will be closer to your company so that they can find out problems and can provide high quality advice and services to improve your company’s business performance.

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Indonesian Supplies is one of the most technologically advanced companies. Indonesian Supplies always take advantage of the most up-to-date technologies and applications to carry out various business activities and to achieve industry 4.0 goals. With the help of this technology, Indonesian Supplies is able to make your business more recognized by buyers in Indonesia and in the world by using business digitization.

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Indonesian Supplies attaches great importance to prosperity for your company so that it always carries out business activities by complying with all applicable laws and regulations in Indonesia and international trade law in order to achieve sustainability in business. For this reason, in every website and business activity, Indonesian Supplies always provides terms and conditions that must be complied with by Indonesian Supplies and your company which contain rights and obligations that are structured fairly and have benefits for both parties which will bring profits on an ongoing basis.