new supplier approval

This content provides you information about the process for selection of our list of approved vendors, including Manufacturers and distributors of manufactured equipment.

Indonesian Supplies core business is to focus on the development of reliable suppliers on key selected markets such as, Logistic, Offshore, Mining, alternative energies, water management, construction, Packaging & hospitality products and medical consumables.

As a standard pre-selection procedure, the following steps needs to be fulfilled for the listing of a new vendor application in our Market Place :

The following online Forms above are to provide us with General information about the company structure and business model. 

Indonesian Supplies approved vendor list purpose is to promote and share information to our members, about the Indonesian suppliers capabilities to our portofolio of selected purchasers, buyers, suppliers and procurement departments from key companies in the key selected markets by Indonesian Supplies.
In addition, some information about third party inspection provided for each equipment type, which is needs to be distributed and to be considered by purchasers.

If you need to use following approved vendor list, you must to carry out your own Pre-qualification assessment or can ask to Indonesian Supplies Procurement Team to carry out and Audit on behalf of your company( subject to additonal invoicing). We emphasis that these manufacturers are listed here only because they are already been assessed by Indonesian Supplies and are willing to comply with Indonesian Supplies general T&Cs and suppliers evaluation process.