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On the way to Industry 4.0

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The concept of Industry 4.0 is corresponding to a new industrial era, based on Industrial Production Tools, fully Managed via a Cyber-Physical System.

This concept embraces the idea of deploying online client’s creation interfaces and to allow the design of new products at the lowest cost as possible. CPS allows the client to make a report showing elements such as the process complexity and the resources needed. The overall production cost including the cost of machining, labour and cost of raw materials. It is also possible to use predefined products designs from existing shared database.

Such industrial revolution will not be possible without the development of new technologies such as:

  • Big Data Management is allowing the development of shared data bases based on experience and industrial knowledge. Big data management is already transforming the way many key players in various markets are handling their data and are slowly considering the utilisation of a cloud storage solution.
  • Machine Learning tools will certainly allow companies to collect new data from various sources and to set an automatized database content creation process. Such processes are already live as the human used to communicate with machines via keyboards and are now using human voice command equipment recording our saying, make analysis of its content and automatically building new data to existing cloud database, in order to reach an objective to simply be able to use speaking as a regular language between machines and humans.
  • AI is by essence the most critical process in this Era, as the AI goals and objectives are to automate low value processes and to reduce the overall time to market process. The key element here are the data processing requiring a high level of IT resources and the automation process based on experience.

A company by developing a fully digitalised solution, will allows the collection of strategic information about the consumers’ needs and futur trends. It is understood that these trends are nowadays already initiated via social networks. Meaning that having a digital marketing strategy is also a good way to anticipate the market needs.

Indonesian Supplies is working with its clients on the development of corporate strategies allowing to streamline the existing production tools with the markets needs. By Integrating the innovation and by deploying IT tools, it will be possible to anticipate the future market changes, to integrate the innovation and to optimise the overall production cost.

The installation and utilisation of automated production tool is allowing to respond to the market need by integrating agile solutions capable to meet the market evolution, by dispatching the production of a project to multiple production sites depending of their capabilities and the project specificities.