Upcoming National Strategic Projects in 2021

In order to promote Indonesia's economic growth through the construction of infrastructure, the government has worked hard to accelerate urgent projects that are considered of strategic importance and are completed in a short period of time. To this end, the government initiated a mechanism through the Coordination of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to accelerate the delivery of infrastructure and issue the pertinent regulations such as its regulatory law.

From mid-2016 to early 2017, strategic projects and mechanisms were evaluated and selected to accelerate development. The results of the evaluation and selection are specified in Presidential Regulation No. 1. Presidential Regulation No. 58 of 2017 Amendment No. 3 of 2016 deals with accelerating the implementation of national strategic projects.

The evaluation and selection process of KPPIPs for national strategic projects began in August 2016 and was completed at the KPPIP Ministerial Meeting on February 10, 2017. The results of this process were reported to the President in April 2017.

According to Presidential Regulations No. 58 of 2017 Presidential Regulations Amendment. In No. 3 of 2016, on accelerating the implementation of national strategic projects, it was decided that the number of national strategic projects (PSN) was 245 PSN plus 2 projects, electric power and aviation industry.

Approximately Rs 4.197 trillion is required for 245 projects and 2 programs. The source of funding is Rs 525 trillion for APBN, Rs 1.258 trillion for state-owned enterprises (BUMN/D), and Rs 2.414 trillion for the private sector.

The document enclosed are providing all details of the 245 projects and 2 programs.


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