The Indonesia Deepwater Development (IDD) Project

The Indonesia Deepwater Development (IDD) Project located in the Makassar Strait is a project that combines the Ganal WK, Rapak WK, Makassar Strait WK and Muara Bakau WK (Unitization). This project will combine five fields which will be developed from the 4 WKs, namely Bangka, Gehem, Gendalo, Maha and Gandang Fields. Production from wells drilled in the five fields will be channeled in an integrated manner through two Floating Production Units (FPU), namely Gehem Hub and Gendalo Hub, and one Bangka Subsea Tie-back in West Seno. The Bangka field itself has been in production since 2016.
Gendalo-Gehem includes the development of two separate hubs, each of which has a FPU, an underwater drilling center, natural gas and condensate pipelines, and onshore receiving facilities. It is planned that the natural gas produced from this project will be sold for domestic needs and exported in the form of liquefied natural gas.
The project has a planned capacity of 1.1 billion cubic feet of natural gas and 47,000 barrels of condensate per day. Corporate ownership is 63 percent. Whereas for other field developments currently awaiting approval of the POD-I (POD-I IDD) approval process. It is hoped that, through this project, the IDD field can be streamlined in 2023. Chevron has submitted a proposed revision of the IDD POD-I on June 29, 2018 after the Pre-FEED results are considered sufficient, together with the submission of the proposed Makassar Strait WK, Rapak WK and Ganal WK . On July 6, 2018, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources decided that the Makassar Strait WK would be extended with the transfer of management to Pertamina.
With the follow-up of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources’ decision, SKK Migas on July 27, 2018 had conveyed to Chevron to immediately submit a supplement or addendum to the revision of the POD-1 IDD without the scope of the Makassar Strait WK (Maha Field), which was delivered by Chevron in a letter to September 4, 2018.
Investment Value : IDR 124.8 Trillion
Funding Scheme : Private
Location : East Kalimantan
Project Person in Charge : Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources
Planned for Construction :  2012
Plans for Operation Start :  2027
Project Status : Construction Phase and will be operational in 2019