Tangguh Train 3 BP Berau Ltd Project

Tangguh Train 3 is part of the Tangguh Project. The oil and gas development area project has six gas fields in the Wiriagar Berau and Muturi Blocks located in Bintuni Bay, West Papua.

The Tangguh Train-3 has been designated as one of the National Strategic Projects (PSN) with an LNG production capacity of 3.8 MTPA, and an LNG allocation of 75% for domestic and 25% for exports. The scope of work of the Tangguh Train-3 Project include the construction of 4 offshore platform wellheads (VRF, WDJ, RO, and OFA platforms) and 3 onshore wellpads (WDP platform), 47 well drilling and construction of an LNG train with a capacity of 3.8 MTPA.

The Tangguh Train III project will start operating in the third quarter of 2021.

BP holds a 40.22% stake in the project. BP’s management rights composition increased from 37.16% after Talisman left the project. Other managers are MI Berau BV by 16.30 percent, CNOOC Muturi Ltd 13.90%, Nippon Oil Exploration (Berau) Ltd 12.23%, KG Berau Petroleum Ltd at 8.56%, KG Wiriagar Petroleum Ltd at 1.44 % and Indonesia Natural Gas Resources Muturi Inc. with 7.35% management rights.