Development of Sopi – Wayabula Bridge 1

Morotai Island as one of the outermost and foremost islands in the border region of Indonesia holds the potential for natural and marine riches of culture, with a number of attractions offered such as Dodola Beach, Zumzum Island, and the Trikora Museum. To improve connectivity between tourist destinations on the island, the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) in 2019 allocated Rp 273.86 billion for handling roads and bridges on the 201.89 Km Morotai Ring Road.

Construction and replacement of 6 bridge points at a cost of Rp 231.43 billion, consisting of 152 meters and 7 meters of Bere Bere – Sofi, 125.80 meters of Sofi-Wayabula 1 bridge, Sofi-Wayabula 2 with 100 meters, Sofi Wayabula 3 is 87 meters long, and Sofi-Wayabula 4 is 125 meters long. Of the total length of the Morotai Ring Road, 201.89 Km.

In addition to KSPN, Morotai Island is known as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) that is connected to Pitu Airport, Daruba Port and Wayabula Harbor. The road connecting from the Wayabula-Sofi area will support the realization of Morotai Island as a trading gateway in Indonesia or a logistics center in the border region. This will provide a great opportunity for Morotai Island as a hub for Pacific region trade activities and economic centers in Eastern Indonesia in the future.
Minister For Public Works and Human Settlements conducting a tender for Development of Sopi – Wayabula Bridge 1 and invite companies to join. The details as follow :

Tender Name

Development SOPI – WAYABULA Bridge 1




Rp 33.937.737.000,00

Qualification Requirements

Administrative / Legal Qualification Requirements

Business Permit

Type of Permition

Line of Business / Sub Line of Business / Classification / Sub Classification

IUJK Construction Business License

Business Entity Certificate

Qualification for Medium Civil Building Classification of Construction Work Implementation Services

Bridges, Flyways, Tunnels and Subways SI004.

Having TDP or NIB

Have a TIN

Has fulfilled the tax obligations of the last fiscal year (Annual Tax Return) 2018

Having or controlling a place of business / office with the correct, permanent and clear address in the form of one’s own or rental

By law has the capacity to bind itself to a Contract as evidenced by:

a) Deed of Establishment of the Company and / or amendments; (deed of amendment may apply in full)

b) Power of Attorney (if authorized);

c) Evidence that the power of attorney is a permanent employee (if authorized); and

d) KTP.

Statement letter:

a) The person concerned and his management are not under court supervision, are not bankrupt, and their business activities are not being terminated;

b) The person concerned and the Management of the Business Entity are not being sanctioned by the Black List;

c) Those acting for and on behalf of the Business Entity are not currently undergoing criminal sanctions;

d) Business Entity leaders and management are not K / L / PD employees or Business Entity leaders and management as K / L / PD employees who are taking leave outside the responsibility of the State;

e) Other statements that qualify as stated in the Qualification Document; and

f) A statement that the qualification data that is filled in and the bid documents submitted are correct, and if in the future it is found that the data / documents submitted are not true and there is falsification, the Managing Director / Company Leaders / Cooperative Leaders, or Branch Heads, from all Partnership members are willing to be subjected to administrative sanctions, blacklisting sanctions, civil lawsuits and / or criminal reporting to the authorities in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.

Not blacklisted

In the event that Participants will conduct a consortium / joint operations / partnership / other forms of cooperation must have

consortium agreement / operating cooperation / partnership / other forms of cooperation

Tender Participants

22 participants