12 Geothermal Potential Points in West Sulawesi, Indonesia

Geothermal natural resources are distributed almost evenly in Sulawesi Island, including in West Sulawesi Province.

According to data in the book Potential Geothermal Indonesia Volume II (2017) published by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), the geothermal potential in West Sulawesi is spread over 12 points. However, not even one has been designated as a geothermal working area (WKP).

However, geothermal resources in West Sulawesi have had an economic impact on society. A number of natural hot springs in various places have created new economic activities amid the dominance of the agricultural sector.

Here are 12 geothermal potential points in West Sulawesi

1. Potential of Alu

The location is in Alu District, Polewali Mandar Regency and has speculative resources of 25 MW.

The manifestation that appears is hot water that comes out in Batupanga, PaoPao, Balanipa and other areas in Alu and its surroundings. The temperature is in the range of 50-68 Celsius.

The Alu geothermal water which has been used as a bathing place includes the 'Uwai Makula Rattematama' hot spring swimming pool which is located in Pao-Pao Village, Alu District.

The baths here are quite crowded, especially on holidays.

2. Potential Ampalas

Has speculative resources of 28 MW and hypothetical 12 MW. The location is in Mamuju City.

The Ampallas geothermal area is located in the 300 thousand year old volcanic geothermal system of Mount Manututu.

Ampalas geothermal produces hot water which is now a tourist attraction. One of them is the Tahaya-haya hot spring tourist attraction, Karema District, Mamuju City.

Even though the conditions are very simple, this tourist attraction is always crowded with visitors, especially on holidays.

3. Potential Doda

The location is in North Mamuju Regency. Geothermal Doda has a speculative resource of 5 MW.

Geothermal Doda also releases hot water to the earth's surface. The temperature is around 37 ° C.

4. Potential Karema

Geothermal energy in Karema, Mamuju City, has a speculative potential of 10 MW.
Geothermal potential in this location creates hot water in the Rumbahay River sediment. The water is clear, tasteless, odorless, with a temperature of 47 degrees Celsius.

5. Potential of Kona Kaiyangan

The location is still in Mamuju City. The potential is 10 MW (speculative).

It is estimated that the temperature of the Kona Kaiyangan reservoir is around 120 ° C, so it is considered a low enthalpy.

Geothermal manifestations are in the form of hot springs with a temperature of 42 ° C.

6. Potential Lilli-Sepporaki

The geothermal potential here is around 133 MW (speculative) and 160 MW (estimated). The location is in Polewali Mandar Regency.

The Lilli-Sepporaki geothermal potential has been carried out by the PSDG Preliminary Survey which was then recorded in 2009.

7. Mamasa Potential

The location is in Mamasa Regency. The potential is around 2 MW (expected).

The Mamasa geothermal area is located ± 340 km north of the city of Makassar. The trip from Makassar to Polmas Regency can be reached by using a four-wheeled vehicle for approximately 5 hours (± 250 km), the road conditions are quite good. From Poliwali to Mamasa (subdistrict city) it takes approximately ± 5 hours (± 90 km) with mostly rocky roads.

Based on geothermometer calculations, the geothermal temperature here is 91 ° C –124 ° C, so it is low enthalpy.

8. Potential of Mambosa

Mambosa's geothermal potential is 25 MW. The location is in Mamuju City. The potential in this area has been carried out by a sampling survey by the Geological Agency and the results were recorded in 2010.

Mambosa's geothermal water that comes out is clear.

9. Potential Panusuan

Based on the Preliminary Geothermal Survey Report of Polewali Mandar Regency, West Sulawesi Province, Panusuan geothermal has a potential of 5 MW (speculative). The location is in Mamuju City.

Measured using a silica geothermometer, the reservoir temperature is around 100 ° C. Meanwhile, the geothermal manifestation is in the form of hot springs with a surface temperature of 47.4 ° C.

10. Potential Riso Kalimbua

Potential 20 (MW) and 41 (Hypothesis)

The geothermal potential of Riso - Kalimbua is in a dominant volcanic environment, generally composed of old volcanic products. The reservoir temperature is estimated to be around 156 ° C.

Geothermal symptoms in the Riso-Kalimbua geothermal area appear in the form of hot springs that appear in five locations, around the Riso-Kalimbua, Andau and Palembongan areas. The highest temperature is 51 ° C.

11. Potential of Somba

Somba's geothermal potential is around 25 MW (Speculative). The location is in Majene Regency. The manifestation that appears is hot springs with a temperature of 40 ° C.

12. Potential of Tapalang

The hot potential of Tapalang is in Mamuju City. The amount is around 30 MW.

The Tappalang area can be reached from Mamuju City using four-wheeled vehicles via the Mamuju-Majene main road

The reservoir temperature using the Na-K geothermometer shows about 140 ° C.




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