Financing Indonesia

Make Your Business Grow

Indonesian Supplies can assist your organisation to grow, by providing bespoke financing solutions.

Indonesian Supplies can also assist your organisation with the management of its investment positions intended to offset potential losses or gains that may occur due to the currencies and markets changes.

Indonesian Supplies will certainly assist your organisation to reach its target and to coordinate all operational activities required in order to implement successfully your projects in Indonesia or worldwide.

Indonesian Supplies is having a deep knowledge of the suppliers market in Indonesia and worldwide, so will certainly advise you about the best opportunities for financing and implementing your next project in Indonesia or worldwide.


Financing of projects for the installation of Powers Plants in Indonesia, including the utilisation of alternative energy solutions such as solar, wind and others


Financing of projects for the installation of water treatment solutions and water management solution for Indonesia.


Financing of Specific projects in Indonesia in order to develop the suppliers market in Indonesia.

Our membership program and our market place will give you access to a panel of customized services and information that will allow you to save time, money and to focus on your core business.

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