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The Rise of AI in Assets Inspection & Predictive Analysis

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The Rise of AI in Assets Inspection and Predictive Maintenance Analysis is certainly a key topic as part of the Continuous Improvement Process for Assets Performance Management.

An automated process will allow your company to save 70% of the traditional inspection cost and allowing engineering teams to focus on the continuous improvement process and planned technical interventions.

AI can perform Labels recognition with the utilisation of OCR solutions, allowing to clearly identify the equipment serial number or identification number on site.

AI can perform Object recognition, allowing automated assets tracking and recognition of equipment pools. Object recognition can help to identify mis-alignment or mis-positioning of equipment.

AI can carry out visual inspections, such as searching for corrosion, cracks, damaged or anomalies among real time videos or photos captured from multiple assets, located in multiple sites and locations.

AI can certainly perform ongoing thermal analysis with the utilisation of IR cameras, opening the opportunity to identify hot/cold spots, electrical default or simply monitor the running temperature of any equipment.

Once condition-based criteria such as equipment status, identified default and equipment degraded modes predefined, the AI will be able to automatically generate a report to be integrated into the equipment historic.

AI has made significant progress moving on from the simple analysis or a predefined pattern on a photo (Ex: corrosion), to more advance and complex conditions by crossing data from video/photos with data from IoT solution. (for example, temperature or vibration monitoring).

Nowadays AI is capable to do realise automated monitoring of 3D assets modelling and can automatically generate advanced reports for client’s ERP solutions based on multiple suppliers experience model and predefined criteria. The limitation here is basically the ability to describe scenarios to be monitored by AI.

Giving then the opportunity for the Technical team to work on the real time dashboard helping to optimise maintenance plan, scheduled technical intervention and see in real time the assets status, identified defaults or degraded performance modes automatically controlled by AI.

Another key benefit of such automated tracking and production of reports is certainly helping companies to meet quality certification requirement such as ISO 9001, ISO14000 or others requirement, by showing that all technical document is captured properly in ERP solutions.

Indonesian Supplies is having experience in the deployment of AI and certainly will be able to assist you in the deployment of such solutions.