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Going the Next Mil of Remote Assets Management

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Companies are focusing on maintaining a high level of sales and to ensure a high level of profitability, to maintain the company afloat. Such statement is even more true in challenging times, such as economic downturn.

In reality most of the companies will consider headcount reduction and business financing as solution to scale the company with the current market situation. However, such strategy is disconnected from the company’s operational performance and will avoid any discussion on the internal process performance.

Unfortunately, lack of internal process will lead the company to a loss of revenue, loss of cash or even loss of reputation due to safety issues and repetitive accidents.

Going thru the process of a company qualification, such as ISO9001:2000 qualification, will requires to go thru the processes in places and make sure that all operations are documented. However operating running multiple sites and several sub-contractors at the same time, may create a higher exposure to accidents.

The challenge remains in the ability to define and implement the same technical and safety procedures across the operation teams around the globe. Very often third parties will follow their own internal procedure and may not align their procedure to the site requirement as very often the third party is defining the applicable procedures here.

The business digitalisation and development of CMMS software’s in the 80’s have opened the door to better asset control and the deployment of safety and technical procedures across a fleet of assets.

Such applications will allow your company to take control of your fleet of assets and stocks. Making your inventories digital will allow you to identify your equipment type, position and status. Managing your stocks online will allow you to sort out criticality of stocks, their position and minimum stocks required.

Such initial and time-consuming task will allow your company to meet the ISO9001:2000 requirement to have an updated inventory available.

Once the Equipment and stocks managed with your computerized maintenance management system or CMMS application, the next step will be to define the technical procedures related to the type and family of equipment on multiple sites. The definition of safety procedures linked to the equipment type is highly recommended in order to set safety rules across the company production sites.

Having written Maintenance and Safety procedures will allow your company to set new standard for maintenance operation, improve the safety conditions on site and certainly meet the requirement imposed by the ISO9001:2000 and ISO14000 certifications

But in reality, the key benefits of a CMMS software’s is to open the possibility to optimise the Operational Cost by setting rules on people management, asset maintenance procedures, conditions and equipment status data collection with IoT technology and streamline optimised strategies reducing stocks, third parties cost management and environmental footprint.

  • The Operational Team will be able to focus on the optimization of Technical procedures by family of equipment and sub-contract maintenance work to be carried out on equipment.
  • The HSE department will be able to input information notice and safety procedures on all registered sites and equipment, allowing the same level of safety across the production’s sites.
  • Production plants manager can deploy productivity & carbon emissions measurement processes based on IoT technology, and resulting in the company carbon footprint reduction.
  • The Purchasing team, will be able to review scheduled activities and scheduled Orders, in order to obtain the best terms on services and supplies of goods for multiple production sites.

The overall production process will be documented and can be distributed to all employees via online solutions (CMMS) and can be shared with contracted third parties hired on project basis.


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