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On The Way to Industry 5.0 for more Resilience and Sustainability

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We have come a long way since the start of mechanization and industrial mass production, early in the 19th century.

Computers and the beginning of information technology (IT) in the 70s, with the development of the internet made it possible to take a big step forward in the automation and supervision of several production sites around the globe.

Industry 4.0 Standard was certainly opening the door to new business models such as e-Commerce, multi-sites sourcing and new cloud based Cyber Physical Systems (CPS).

Although global purchasing processes allow to source and purchase goods and services around the world, there is no real planification of the production volumes based on the anticipated demand by region, by country, by market or by type of products and services.

Obviously multinationals have been able to organize their supply chain and production sites in all regions of the world, however the SME market remains an open market where the planification and the customization of upcoming production volumes are to be planned.

The key stakes here are obviously the product costs reduction with the utilization of CPS, which makes it possible to align future productions with the future needs and to reduce unsold products so then massive wastes volumes very significantly.

This also makes possible to put back at the heart of the system the individual who is ultimately the end user here, and to allow consumers to have the opportunity to customize their orders before the production process is even launched.

Indonesian Supplies has focused on the development of its Cyber Physical Platform, in line with industry 4.0 and industry 5.0 standards.

As a result our members and clients are having the possibility to customize their orders, to schedule their volume supplies, meanwhile measuring the suppliers performance with KPIs and reducing the overall carbon footprint, throughout the production process and supply chain, in order to meet the COP26 requirements.

Our Cyber Physical System is based on three key elements such as:

  • the quality and volume of data collected from connected assets and production tools
  • the capacity of data storage in a secured cloud based solution
  • the data cleaning and processing tools deployed to generate relevant dashboards
  • the user interface design showing the key element of an effective "industry 5.0" process

If you have any questions about our solutions, please feel free to contact us.