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New Building – Maritime Technical Projects Digitalisation is part of our DNA

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Indonesian Supplies is focusing on making the Maritime market and Shipbuilding industry more accessible to the global buyers by identifying, auditing, promoting and tendering selected shipyards and shipbuilders.

Indonesia is certainly a shipping Nation with a significant number of shipyards and shipbuilders mainly located to Batam island and in the south of Java island in the busy city of Surabaya. Many others shipyards are also located across the java island, Kalimantan and Sumatra

The Maritime and Shipbuilding Market are strategic to the Indonesian economy, divided in three key markets such as:

  • Fishery Market
  • Energy &  Mineral Market
  • Shipbuilding Market

The type of vessels build are very much linked to the market needs and growing demand.

Fishing vessels demand is growing has the activity has grown by a steady 3% for many years

Dry bulk vessel demand is growing as well due to the growing activity of the mining market in Indonesia and around the world. The RFQ coming from global players looking for cost effective products able to carry fry bulk from South America, from Africa or Indonesia in order to fulfil the needs for the electronics industry.

Making Indonesia has a true and competitive alternative to others shipbuilders around ASEAN.

Indonesian Supplies focus on the mitigation of the key challenges within the maritime industry, in order to ensure the production slots can be booked from our Cyber Physical Platform and ensure a streamlined booking process online.

Indonesian Supplies do see the shipbuilders qualification has a key success element, allowing to ensure the project can be carried out in a safe and effective manner. Dry-dock, Slipway capability and related services available need to be accessed has part of our QHSE process.

Indonesian Supplies understand that securing the raw material to ensure the vessels production will not been delay due to late delivery of materials. In the current growing steel price market, securing the purchased price of steel and others material needed will help to carry out the project within the budgeted cots.

Indonesian Supplies can certainly foresee the growing shortage situation for the provision of equipment due to the global pandemic situation. COVID-19 global situation has created a big change on the number of vendors available on the market and created a shortage of supplies due to reduced production world-wide. the rising price of raw material is also affecting the products prices.

From a more operational perspective our Cyber Physical Platform will allow your projects managers, vessels superintendent, purchasing team to supply the equipment, products, spare parts and related services online, at a competitive market price, allowing your company to focus on their core business.

Business digitalisation for maritime projects management is very much about working with qualified vendors and services providers, with pre-qualified facility and pre-determined conditions.