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Managing Your Business Through the Global COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond!

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Early 2020 all countries around the globe have seen the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic situation at the pace of new restrictive measures in all countries, allowing to contain the spread of the virus.

Deploying new safety measures such as the utilisation of masks and restrictive rules on travels including lockdown period, to contain the COVID-19 spread by controlling local economic activities.

The COVID-19 global pandemic situation has now created an unprecedented public health situation imposing all governments to come back on well establish rules about the movement of people and goods. Imposing hard restrictions on the local economies, requires the financing of the key markets and services such as Medical, laboratories, food and others key supplies.

2021 will be the beginning of what is called “the new normal” and the beginning of the vaccination program worldwide to be rolled out thru months until we start to see a slow recovery of the markets, now adjusted to the new global economic situation.

From a global perspective the development and production of effective vaccines is now financed by countries and coordinated by the World Health Organisation (Indonesia is supporting the WHO program).

Logistic Management markets for the transportation of goods and people will be adjusted and financed by all countries, at the same time the vaccination program and COVID-19 will be eradicated. Such key market may be under the financing stimulus from all countries seeing logistic as key to their economy.

It is obvious that others economical markets such as housing market, production of foods, raw materials and manufactured goods will evolve with the on-going situation by country and by market.

Indonesian Supplies has always seen the value of our products and services, by helping its customers to improve their performance within their market and to develop and differentiate their offer by working on the improvement of its client’s internal process.


  • BUSINESS DIGITALISATION is certainly required due to people travel restrictions and certainly allows any company now to be visible world-wide.
    1. By having a presence on the web as an Online Store
    2. Being able to share the innovation and customers experience via story telling
    3. Considering Industry 4.0 Standards as a key objective
    4. Be able to manage basic tasks and transactions online
  • BUSINESS SUSTAINABILITY is certainly part of the business model objectives aiming to meet the approaches defined in the Paris agreement.
    1. By integrating the energy transition to their business model
    2. Aim for a more circular economy
    3. Re-design their business model to be more efficient and responsible
    4. Investing in modern technical solutions
    5. Meet the agenda 2030 sustainable development goals
  • BUSINESS RESILIENCE as a key element of the re-building of the local economies and suppliers’ market, by investing in people future.
    1. Having a reliable energies distribution network
    2. Providing good medical services inside all countries
    3. Adapting the education system to the needs of the markets
    4. Providing goods building infrastructures to support the economy growth
  • BUSINESS STRATEGIES evolution to adapt to the new technical solutions and safety rules imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic situation.
    1. Re-thinking the business model to meet the new requirement
    2. Embedding the IoT and Ai tools as part of the digitalisation process
    3. Focus on the CO2 emission and environmental standards
    4. Considering remote work and sub-contracting as a new safety rule

IMF predictions for 2021 are a global growth of 5,2%, after a reduced global economy growth of 2,3% in 2020. However a ramping inflation starting in 2021 may slow down the global market recovery.

This global growth will be driven by countries such a China, India an ASEAN countries, and now representing a consumer’s market of about 4 billion people.

Indonesian Supplies may have a bespoke solution for your business, so let us know about your needs!