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IoT Technology & Being at the forefront of Industrial Asset Monitoring

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Although the concept of IoT was created in the 80s, its implementation is quite recent and is directly linked to the deployment of Internet and telecommunication networks world-wide.

The concept of IoT was the logical result of a century of an industrialisation era, starting in the 19th century and divided in two key steps such as the Mechanisation era and mass production era.

IoT key objective was to collect key information on the entire production process from mass production assets, in order to allow remote centralized multi-site monitoring systems. This would allow to optimize the production and maintenance monitoring costs by entering into a new automation era.

Remote monitoring of the mass production assets would then allow the production process cost optimisation and the remote identification of technical problems occurring, allowing better MTBF of the production assets.

The installation of sensors on existing mass production asset and the development if IT technology has brought the development and utilization of MRO solutions, allowing advance management of multiple spares parts stocks, with remote technical services teams, in charge of multiple mass productions sites.

IoT technology started with basic analogical sensors measuring equipment status, temperature or position to nowadays full digital sensors transferring multiple information of high-speed bus, such as serial or CAN bus technology.

The IoT technology includes three key steps:

  • Step 1 - the collection of data from equipment and mass production assets with sensors to the collection and transfer of data via IoT Edge Gateways and thru telecommunication networks
  • Step 2 - the collection and storage of Data from multiple sources into a Private cloud solution.
  • Step 3 – the life monitoring and customised data visualisation of mass production asset status with web-based client’s solutions.

Machine learning solution can certainly be developed, in order to have automated advance data management, and automated resolution procedures in place.

Indonesian Supplies is working on the deployment of IoT technology with key companies within the key markets, in order to propose a cloud based cyber physical solution.

Our IoT based Cyber Physical solution allows our members to have an overview of the key players, most innovative solutions available and to have an updated snapshot of the resources available from the smart grid.