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from crude oil to business process refined analytics

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Transforming your operating processes into data will help to optimise your company performance. Working on the development of automated decision tools (Ai), real-time data Collection (IoT) and data analytics (BI) will allow your company to develop an automated continuous improvement plan (Machine Learning) for all internal processes measured.

Nowadays the reality is a bit different as many companies relies on verbal or paper-based reporting process when the company is ISO certified. however, the measurement of deviation may remain non-automated and subject to individual appreciation depending of the defects management procedure implemented.

Another challenge remains the delay of treatment and the definition of corrective actions for the deviations identified, whose treatments are subject to the severity of the occurrences. As a General rule 80% of the most severe cases will be managed and 20% of the occurrences will be put aside for further action due to their limited likelihood or severity.

Moving forward with a fully automated Business Intelligence Solution will require to follow these key steps:

  • Remove Latency in deviation processing by moving for a manual data collection process to a fully automated data collection. The development of IoT solutions and the possibility to transfer in real time data to the cloud allow to monitors processes in realtime and collect information about any measured events such as a dimension, temperature, vibration or timing.
  • Deploy a real time Big Data Analysis by using computerised solutions that will monitor all parameters and will take real time action based on data received, giving the opportunity to have a quick remedial action until the technical team will intervene.
  • Use Big Data to build decision tree by comparing data from equipment manufacturers such as maintenance recommended plan with data from experience, the AI will be able to anticipate any events by making decision based on predefined scenarios such as a deviation of a vibration, a temperature, timing, etc. The AI will automatically select a degraded operating mode allowing the continuity of the operation in the safest mode.
  • Optimise your company process with Big Data, by using specific application allowing to improve the process by internal function such as operation with a MMS, financial and taxes scheduling with a ERP or linked your clients expectation with your productions capacities with a CRM. Each application will allow to pre-define the best goals and objective by department to improve the company performance, profitability or capacity.
  • Integrate innovation to leverage your company performance, by monitoring the market offer and early integrate the innovation to  your exiting production processes.

How Indonesian Supplies can help you to defined a fully optimised action plan based on refined analytics ?

The Results Expected should be a corporate sourcing and strategy fully in line with the market needs and a manufacturing process capacity scaled to the market needs.